Private and Alternative Loans

Private or Alternative Student Loans are non-federal student loans offered by private institutions (such as banks or credit unions) that are intended to help students meet their education-related expenses.

Before considering a private loan, make sure that all federal, state, and institutional financial resources are exhausted. If there are no other ways to fill the financial gap, shop around and do some homework before choosing a private loan. Remember, keep written records of all forms, applications, and correspondence with your lender for the entire life of your loan.

With the exception of students classified as international students, all students seeking alternative education loan funds must first complete the FAFSA so their eligibility for federal funds may be determined. Students seeking Private/Alternative Loans should first speak with their financial aid counselor to gain an understanding of their eligibility for all potentially available federal funds. If the Alternative Loan is the only option, the financial aid counselor will refer the student to the Alternative Loan Counselor.