Graduate PhD

Students in the Graduate School will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine if they are eligible to receive federal financial aid. Financial aid will be determined using the following federal criteria:

Cost of Attendance 

  • Tuition Remission: Financial Aid will estimate the amount of tuition remission based on the student’s billable credits.  This amount will be listed as a resource and treated as estimated financial aid.
  • Stipend: Financial Aid will estimate the stipend based on the average students receive. The current number is $25,000.
  • Other outside aid: Financial Aid will include any reported outside aid as estimated assistance.

The components of the cost of attendance will include: billable tuition and fees, book, supplies, transportation, personal, miscellaneous, health insurance, and room and board. Books and supplies will be based on information received from the campus book store. Transportation, personal, miscellaneous, health insurance, and room and board will be based on the standard figures used by all schools and programs affiliated with the University of Maryland, Baltimore.


The student must submit a funding letter to the Financial Aid Office before he or she can be awarded.  Financial Aid awards for students is a manual process so that all necessary components will be reviewed before an award offer is made. Only billable credits are included towards financial aid enrollment eligibility. 

Financial Aid has the right to reduce an award if it is discovered that incorrect information was used to determine a student’s eligibility or if an over-award occurs.