Step-by-Step Instructions

After logging into SURFS, students can review their aid offer, accept/decline awards, and check outstanding requirements by following the steps below. 

Review Aid Offer: 
  1. Click Financial Aid --> Financial Aid Dashboard
  2. Click the "Award Offer" tab.
  3. Ensure the correct Award Year is selected at the top.
  4. Review your Cost of Attendance, Grants/Scholarships, Federal Loans, Other Resources
Accept/Decline Aid: 
  1. For the award you want to accept/decline, click the box under “Take Action”.  
  2. Select the option you want.  
    • Accept: The full amount for the academic year will be accepted.  
    • Modify: Allows you to accept a portion of the amount offered by manually entering the amount. **Tip: the amount you enter will be split evenly between all terms for the academic year (e.g. fall/spring). 
    • Decline: Will decline the whole award for the academic year  
  3. Once a decision is made for all awards, click “Submit. 
  4. Return to the “Home” tab to view and complete any additional documents required to process your request. Students who have accepted loans will have additional requirements posted in this section that must be completed to receive the funds.  
Outstanding Requirements: 
  1. Click Financial Aid --> Financial Aid Dashboard
  2. Requirements will be displayed on the "Home" tab.
  3. For certain items, click on the requirement title to access the necessary form. 
  4. Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the requirement to view additional information and instructions for each item. 

Once the necessary document(s) or steps for a requirement have been completed and processed by Student Financial Assistance, the status will be updated to "Requirement Satisfied" on SURFS.

  • Students should frequently check their SURFS account for outstanding items, additional requirements, and/or adjustments to their aid package.
  • Requirements that are not completed in a timely manner, prior to the start of the term, may impact financial aid eligibility and/or result in delays for disbursements and receiving refunds. 
  • If you accept an incorrect Direct Loan award amount, call our office as soon as possible so that we can reset your awards for you. If you wait until after your loans are processed, you will have to wait until the Loan Adjustment Period, to request a change.