Work Study

Federal Work-Study Employment, through federal government funding, provides eligible students the opportunity to work on or off campus and earn funds as an alternative to loan debt. 



For Students and Supervisors


Instructions on How to Electronically Write and Sign on Required Documents


Holiday and University Closures/ Delayed Openings:

As a reminder, when the University is closed student employees are not authorized to work. Student employees should not work nor report hours worked on days the institution is closed due to a holiday or closed due to a confirmed snow day (unless stated otherwise, during this COVID period). 

*Student Employees may disregrard date observed floater holidays*

Student Timesheet Resources

Electronic Timesheet Quick Steps Student

Timesheet History Instructions

Pay Periods and Paystub Information

Work-Study Pay Periods- AY 2022-2023


Access to Paystubs and W-2 Information


Federal Work-Study Request Form

Federal Work-Study Request Form

If you were not awarded FWS funds for 2022-2023, please review this section.For work-study consideration for 2022-2023, a work-study request form must be completed in order to be reviewed for eligibility of Federal Work-Study funds. Please email with any further inquiries.

Orientation and Forms

For Students

Please note, Federal Work-Study students can hold only one FWS position. (Students may also hold a non-work study position concurrently).


All students are required to review respective New Hire and Renewal Employment Procedures below. New Hire Student information can be found under the header "New Hire Awarding/Employment" while Returning FWS Student information can be found under "For Returning Employees/Renewal Students".



Student Communication:


Resource for Students Interested in Federal Work-Study

Spring 2023 FWS Cut Off Dates


New Hire Awarding/Employment:

***All documents listed under step two must be submitted in person to our office Tuesday - Thursday only from 8am to 4pm.***

Students should not fill out employment documents if they have not been awarded FWS for the current academic year and if they have not been hired by an approved FWS job site listed on our approved job website.


Step One: After accepting your Federal Work-Study award in SURFS and being hired by an approved job site, please complete section 1 of the I-9.

(employer code 14654) please save I-9 confirmation page as a PDF


Please also review the following New Hire Resources prior to moving on to Step Two. 


Once Step One is complete, please complete all documents listed under Step Two and move foward with submitting Step One and Step Two documents in person to the Office of Student Employment. 


Students should submit required, original I-9 identification documents in person to the Office of Student Employment with the following information listed under Step Two.





All documents listed under step two must be submitted in person to our office Tuesday - Thursday only from 8am to 4pm.

Required Forms:



Step Three: Payroll Documents - to complete after receiving a start date email

Please do not print and submit to the Office of Student Employment. Please read instructions below.

You are responsible for mailing in payroll related forms to the address at the bottom of each form once you receive confirmation of your effective start date from the Office of Student Employment.

Per CPB, all payroll related forms must be typed. Please do not write on the forms as the documents will be rejected by CPB. Please be sure to also print the forms and add a wet signature as opposed to an electronic signature.

*NOTE -Upon opening the form, employees are required to type directly into the appropriate fields.  When complete, the form will need to be printed, signed with a pen in blue or black ink and mailed to the address on the bottom of the form.


***Processing of payroll forms may take approximately six weeks from date received contingent on accuracy of submitted forms.***




For Returning Employees/Renewal Students


All documents listed under step two must be submitted in person to our office Tuesday - Thursday only from 8am to 4pm.

Required Documents:



For Supervisors

Please note, receiving status of approval from our office can take between 7-10 business days from the date we receive all necessary and accurately submitted documents.

2022-2023 Forms 


Supervisor Timesheet Resources

Approving Timesheets Resource for Approved Supervisors


  • UMB off campus federal work study jobs are only approved for the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia.
  • Before accepting a job at an off campus site, please contact the Office of Student Employment for further guidance.
  • Only students who are awarded FWS funds can participate in the FWS program.
  • Students must obtain an approved FWS Job prior to completing employment paperwork. Once hired, a FWS Job Certification form must be completed by the student and hiring supervisor. Please check SURFS for additional required employment documents after accepting your offered FWS award.
  • Once documents are received in the FWS email address, the initial review period can take approximately 3-5 business days. Further guidance will be provided at that time.

    A new FWS student must complete a payroll packet before they can receive an approved start date and begin to work.
         New hire employment documents cannot be electronically submitted or mailed due to the verification of your original I-9 verification documents.*
         Renewal employment paperwork cannot be electronically submitted. Please hand deliver to the Student Employment Office.*

    *(See COVID-19 Guidance)

  • Students will not receive their first paycheck for four to six weeks after all of the payroll documents listed below have been completed properly. Incorrect, incomplete, or missing payroll documents will delay the processing time.