Work Study

Federal Work-Study Employment, through federal government funding, provides eligible students the opportunity to work on or off campus and earn funds as an alternative to loan debt. 

For more information about Federal Work-Study Employment, click here.

Orientation and Forms


  • UMB off campus federal work study jobs are only approved for the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia.
    Before accepting a job at an off campus site, please meet with a representative from UMB Student Employment Office.
  • Only students who are awarded FWS funds can participate in the FWS program.
  • Students must obtain an approved FWS Job prior to completing employment paperwork. Once hired, a FWS Job Certification form must be completed by the student and hiring supervisor. Please check SURFS for additional required employment documents after accepting your offered FWS award.
  • A new FWS student must complete a payroll packet before they begin to work.
         New hire employment documents cannot be electronically submitted or mailed due to the verification of your original I-9 verification documents.
         Renewal employment paperwork cannot be electronically submitted. Please mail or hand deliver to the Student Employment Office.
  • Students will not receive their first paycheck for four to six weeks after all of the payroll documents listed below have been completed properly. Incorrect, incomplete, or missing payroll documents will delay the processing time.

Payroll Packets

FWS students must complete a payroll packet. All forms must be completed in black ink. Documents can be obtained online or in the SFAE office. Students are not permitted to work until a completed payroll packet has been submitted to the SFAE office. Missing or incomplete documents will prevent the student from starting to work.



Federal Work-Study Payroll Check List 

Non-U.S. citizens must complete the following additional forms:

Central Payroll Bureau (CPB) Online Service Center

The CPB no longer prints the direct deposit pay advice for distribution to employees. To print a copy of your Direct Deposit pay advice, previous pay stubs, or duplicate W-2 data, please access the CPB here.

First-time users are required to execute the Sign Up process. This requires some personalized data and unique information found on your most recent pay stubs. This process will help you generate a logon ID and password that will be used each subsequent time you access the Payroll Online Service Center (POSC).

The Central Payroll Bureau (CPB) online service provides:

  • Online view and print of 12 rolling months of most recent pay stub information.
  • Online view and print of year-end (prior-year) pay stub information.
  • Ability to eliminate the Central Payroll Bureau print copy of your pay advice.
  • Duplicate W2 data for the most recent (three) reporting years.
  • If using Direct Deposit, ability to reverse decision for web-only access vs. printed pay stub information.
  • Online submission of address updates.
  • Online submission of Direct Deposit updates.
  • Online submission of W-4 withholding updates.