Webex Breakout Rooms

Webex Meetings – includes new look and Breakout room feature

  • Easier navigation
  • Static menu options
  • Temporarily unmute by pressing the spacebar
  • Default grid view, shows 5 X 5 participants on each screen.
  • Ability to group users showing video (puts all non-video participants at the end)
  • Raise Hand Feature – Now displays names (at the top of the participant list) in chronological order, allowing the host to call on participants in order of request.
  • Music Mode
  • Breakout Rooms
    • Up to 100 Breakout rooms
    • Host and Co-Hosts can jump in and out of breakout rooms to assist participants.
    • To Enable Breakout Rooms:  From the Menu, Click on Breakout, Enable Breakout Rooms.  Breakout Sessions appears at the bottom of your screen (as shown below).   To learn more, here’s a video.
  • Here’s a quick look
    • Webex Teams – Breakout rooms, click here for more details