Data Analytics & Reporting

The Data Analytics & Reporting department performs data analytics and reporting activities in support of UMB’s mission, academic enterprise, operations, and administrative services.  We participate in ensuring well defined, quality data is available for campus leaders, decision makers, and the campus at-large.


Our Vision

Data Analytics & Reporting will work with partners to transform data into a rich body of strategic intelligence that is accessible, well-defined and useful to the campus community (e.g., campus leaders, decision makers at all levels, faculty, staff, students, and the public).  The office will promote a culture data-driven decision making, providing the basis for continuous improvement throughout the institution.


Our Strategic Goals & Objectives

  • Expand the use of reporting & analytics into all areas of the university.
  • Expand data availability, reporting, and allow for more cross-function analyses.
  • Preserve all university data in the data warehouse.
  • Improve data quality to ensure all information is reported accurately.
  • Improve data literacy by leading the effort to define all data (University Data Glossary).
  • Build predictive analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities to improve all aspects of the university’s core activities (e.g., instruction, student-learning, and administrative services).
  • Establish and lead a data governance program.
  • Support business intelligence (BI) developers across campus in delivering data insights, and their ability to perform self-service reporting.
  • Utilize cloud-based services only.


Our Core Services & Activities

  • Reports & Dashboards Development
  • Reports & Data Documentation
  • Data Warehouse Development
  • Data Architecture & Modelling
  • Data Governance
  • Data Quality Assurance


Our Technologies

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud (Reports, Dashboards, Semantic Data Layer, Machine Learning)
  • Oracle Database (Data Warehouse)
  • Oracle Data Integrator (ETL)
  • Data Cookbook (Data & Report Documentation, Data Quality, Data Governance)
  • HCM Analytics (Prebuilt analytics components for Human Resources data)
  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse


Active University-Wide / Enterprise-Wide Projects

  • Student Reports Modernization
    • Objectives:
      • Retire Crystal Reports platform by migrating legacy reports to analytics platform.
      • Modernized student reporting for Bursar’s Office.
      • Build new and modernized dashboards for student data.

    • Human Resources Reports & Analytics for new HR System
      • Objectives:
        • Implement reporting and analytics capabilities as part of the implementation for the new Human Resources system (Oracle HCM).


Supported Reporting & Analytics Subject Areas

The following reporting and analytics subject areas are available to authorized users.

  • Quantum Financials Reporting (Quantum Analytics)
  • Kauli Research Reporting (Proposals & Awards)
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Public Dashboards (Faculty & Staff)
  • Student Accounts Receivables Reporting (Bursar’s Office)
  • SIMS/Banner General Ledger Reporting
  • eUMB Financial Archives Reports
  • eTravel Archives Reports
  • Business Agreements (Compliance Office)