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Webex is a cloud-based collaboration tool.

Webex allows you to learn, meet, message and share files anywhere from any device. Webex will augment UMB’s learning experience by providing Webex Meetings, Webex Teams, Webex Events and Webex Training to students, faculty and staff.

9/14/20:  Breakout Rooms are now available in Webex.   Details on Webex Breakout Rooms.

Attn: Mac Users   The new version of Webex (released 9/7/20), allows Virtual Backgrounds on the following supported processors:  

  • Intel Core i7 4000 series quad-core or higher processor
  • Intel Core i7 5000 series dual-core processor or higher
  • Intel Core i5 6000 series dual-core processor or higher

Get Started Using Webex Meetings

Closed Captioning

  • “Live” Closed Captioning (CC) is available by requesting Webex Assistant. There are a limited number of licenses available for staff and faculty.   Only the host needs a license. All participants will have the option to use or disable this feature. This feature is available to assist with ADA compliance, allow participants to simply follow along or assist with note taking.
  • How to request a Webex Assistant license for live Closed Captioning?  Since there are limited licenses (1,000), you must be staff or faculty.
    • Requirement:  You must have a Webex License.  Please confirm by logging in to https://umaryland.webex.com.  If you do not have a Webex license, please contact your respective Helpdesk.  If you are unsure, please review the Support section below.
    • After you have confirmed you have a Webex license, please email Sddatacom@umaryland.edu with Subject line:  Request a Webex Assistant License.
  • To learn more, please watch this video.

Getting Started & Video Tutorials

Additional Webex Resources

Webex Teams

  • Cisco Webex Teams:  Hybrid Calling
    Hybrid Calling allows you to use the Cisco Webex Teams application as your work telephone while you telework or are simply away from the office.   It’s mostly used by downloading the Webex Teams App on a cell phone or mobile device or by using the Desktop Webex Teams Application.
  • Webex Teams Quick Overview

Webex Support and Training

The following Webex training video reviews Webex functionality in full.  It is a recording of a live session offered to UMB employees.

The following Cisco website offers instructions on a number of different features within Webex Meetings.

General support hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday