No Duo Mobile and VPN

What do I enter for Second Password in the VPN client if I cannot use the Duo Mobile app?

The Duo Mobile app is the preferred second factor to use with Duo.  It is the easiest method, and will provide the best user experience.

However, if you do not have a smart phone, or your smart phone is broken, or not available, or you have not installed the Duo Mobile app, you can still use Duo and the VPN client.



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For Second Password, in addition to push to use the Duo Mobile app, or a passcode generated from the Duo Mobile app, a hardware token, or from the Help Desk, you can also enter one of the following:

  • Enter phone1 to have Duo call the first phone in your list of devices.
  • Enter phone2 to have Duo call the second phone in your list of devices.
  • Enter phone3 to have Duo call the third phone in your list of devices.

You can determine which phone is phone1, phone2 or phone3 by logging in at, clicking on Multi Factor Authentication, then clicking on My Settings and Devices.

How to determine which is phone1.

Or you can call the Help Desk at 706-4357 for assistance.