Existing User


Users can Opt-In to use Duo on and off campus for UMB applications and services accessed by your UMID and password at any time. By choosing to Opt-In, you are choosing to start using Duo immediately for applications and services accessed by your UMID and password (on and off campus.)

Once this has been turned on, it cannot be disabled.


Get started

Start your Enrollment, Opt-In, or Manage Devices at the Account Management site:

Account Management Site 

Manage Devices

Duo's self-service empowers the users with the ability to manage their authentication devices.

It enables the users to enroll a new mobile phone, tablet, or landline. They can also rename an existing phone or tablet device, activate Duo Mobile, set a phone or tablet device as the default for Duo Push and phone call, or remove an existing device.

To add additional devices, or edit existing devices, log in at https://directory.umaryland.edu, then click on Multi-Factor Authentication.

After passing primary authentication, users see Add a New Device and My Settings & Devices links on the Duo two-factor authentication page.

Choose an authentication method.

End users can quickly add another authentication device with the Add a New Device utility, while clicking My Settings & Devices prompts the user to complete two-factor authentication, then shows the device management portal.

Setup your settings and devices.