Cohort 6 Participant Reflections

Kisha Brown-TuckKisha Brown-Tuck, PMP

Senior Project Manager, Design and Construction, UMB

In the wake of the pandemic, I was a new employee interested in navigating UMB’s culture and developing stronger connections with other employees across campus.  The UMBrella Coaching Program felt like an ideal opportunity to do so.  Through meaningful dialogues and interactions with the women in my coaching group, I was able to redefine my perceptions of workplace connectedness and professional growth.  These women offered diverse experiences and insights into how to overcome obstacles, achieve goals and OWN our AWESOMENESS along the way!  The monthly professional development events ranging from panel discussions with inspiring UMB leaders to virtual networking sessions with fellow members of Cohort 6 and program alumni, provided me with fresh tools and resources to expand my potential.  Every learning event was well planned and I left each session with nuggets of wisdom that I will continue to apply across various scenarios.  What truly set this program apart from any other I have experienced, was the unwavering dedication of my coach, Jennifer Litchman, MA, SVP for External Relations.  Jennifer’s guidance and support were invaluable and created a lasting impact on my personal and professional growth.  I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an empowering and transformative UMBrella program and community. 

Fleesie HubbardFleesie Hubbard, MS

International Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health
School of Medicine

Participating in UMBrella has been an incredibly rewarding experience! Collaborating with colleagues in small, supportive coaching sessions has been especially enriching, and I eagerly looked forward to the program events and panel discussions each month. Through the UMBrella Coaching Program, I’ve gained confidence and honed essential skills in communication, networking, negotiation, and management. These tools have already proven invaluable, enhancing both my personal life and professional endeavors.

Victoria MeadowsVictoria Meadows, M.S.

Manager, Enterprise Risk Management Program, Office of the Provost

The UMBrella Coaching Program has been a welcomed blessing during this time in my career. Over the course of the past eight months, I have undergone a lot of change personally and professionally. Within the coaching meetings, the ladies that I was surrounded by were a great support and comfort led by our amazing coach, Niya Werts and included Lamiaa, Lili, Latesha, and Tralisa. We all bonded over similar experiences, and it was great to be able to look forward to our monthly meetings. It was a safe space that was created by Niya to be able to discuss the vulnerabilities that we were facing as women and how we can work through them to be the best version of ourselves. Beyond our monthly meetings, the monthly programming within the UMBrella Coaching Program was exceptional. They were relevant topics that were engaging and insightful, and I was able to put them into practice as I was learning. The empowerment that was fostered and very much encouraged within the program is something that I am going to carry with me during my career at UMB and beyond. The skills learned during my time in the UMBrella Coaching Program have enhanced my abilities as an individual, as a mentor, as a UMB colleague, and as a leader at UMB. I am proud to count myself as an alumnus of the UMBrella Coaching Program and look forward to being a part of a community that fosters the success of women!