Kelli Bethel, PT, DPT

“You! The Captain of Your Health and Wellness”

Each of us has a unique body, mind, and spirit. Our health and wellness needs are just as unique and require an individualized approach. This breakout session will include an overview of the concept of whole health, activities to identify your unique health and wellness story , and strategies to help you be the captain of your health and wellness journey.


Kelli BethelKelli Bethel is a physical therapist, certified yoga therapist, and registered yoga instructor who works at the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Center for Integrative Medicine (CIM). She has over 28 years of experience as a physical therapist, treating adult and pediatric clients and focusing on neurologic injuries and disease as well as patients with cancer. Bethel also has been working in the field of yoga therapy since 2007, with an emphasis on stroke, brain injury, and cancer.

As director of yoga therapy and yoga at CIM, Bethel oversees, develops, and implements multiple education programs, including yoga, yoga therapy, and self-care strategies for licensed health care providers. Clinically, she provides physical therapy and yoga therapy to patients through CIM’s various contracts. She works directly with patients, their families, and staff to develop and implement patient-centered treatment plans and is committed to empowering her patients, clients, and students along their health and wellness journey.