Cohort 3 Participant Reflections

Eileen Eldridge

Eileen Eldridge

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the UMBrella Coaching Program for Cohort 3. This program has changed my life! Coming into the program I was hopeful I would get the support I was looking for, but the program exceeded my expectations on so many levels. The training sessions, monthly group coaching and care from the UMBrella Coaching Program team made learning, developing and growing so much easier and faster. At the beginning of the program, I established a goal to be accomplished by May 2021 and it has been accomplished as of February 2021. Now on to my next goals. Thank you!


Eva Hanley

Eva Hanley

I’m a marketing specialist for Communications and Public Affairs and had been interested in UMBrella since I started at the University of Maryland, Baltimore in 2018. I applied for the UMBrella Coaching Program so that I could meet other women across campus, build relationships outside of my department, and grow in my professional career. I knew I would meet many amazing women, but what I did not anticipate was discovering that even though we’re in different fields, positions, and stages of our careers, we shared so many similar experiences and faced some of the same obstacles and insecurities. It was enlightening to realize how much I have in common with these women, and it was validating to learn they’d gone through some of the same struggles.

I looked forward to our meeting every month. The monthly topic, speaker, and discussions with my team made me think further ahead in my goals, become more mindful in my interactions, and learn more about myself and my work. I also enjoyed getting to know the women in my coaching group personally and celebrating milestones like promotions, engagements, and new jobs with them. We intend to meet quarterly after the program ends, and I’m so grateful to be part of this wonderful group of supportive women. My experience in the UMBrella Coaching Program has been incredibly rewarding, and I hope many other women at UMB take advantage of this opportunity.


Tierra MajorTierra Major headshot

The UMBrella Coaching Program has proved to be an unmatched program for women. From the participant’s guide with monthly modules to the ongoing program events, I felt this program was very effective in transitioning to virtual learning.

I most enjoyed meeting with my coaching group members each month to discuss our goals and recent accomplishments. I learned so much about myself as well as my colleagues during this time spent together.

The program provided space and time for like-minded women from different schools and departments across the University to share ideas and expertise with one another as well as encourage one another to go further in their professional lives.

My coach, Vanessa Carroll, MS, special assistant to the dean at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, did a phenomenal job of facilitating conversations and sharing her personal experience with us for reference and guidance. I would highly recommend joining the next cohort.


Christina ManotoChristina Manoto, MBA

When I was in the UMBrella Coaching Program, I was given not one but two coaches whom I would not have otherwise had a chance to meet at UMB. I gained a connection with my coaches on a deeper level in happy and sad times in my career, graduate work, and caregiving. Through the program, I found friendships and relationships with strong Wonder Women within the UMB community. I gained tools for my professional and personal life that are in my toolbox to pull out for use at any given time.

Nicole Turner headshotNicole Turner

I really enjoyed being a part of Cohort 3 of the UMBrella Program. I applied to the program with hopes of increasing my professional network and learning a little about myself. This program far exceeded my expectations. I met a group of wonderful ladies that could relate to me on a professional and personal level. My coaches were amazing and full of information. The program offered exciting events and excellent speakers. UMBrella provided many self-enrichment opportunities and alot of resources. I learned that it is “ok” to state your accomplishments and goals without being afraid of judgment from others. I also learned that growth comes in so many ways that sometimes we don’t even realize it. UMBrella has taught me that all women have more potential than they can imagine, but they must tap into it. I highly suggest applying for this great opportunity. I am so glad I did!