Mission and Goals

Live event filled with professionals discussing recent panels with president Dr. jay Perman

The mission of UMB Professional Administratives Committed to Excellence (UMBPACE) is to support the University’s administrative professionals’ quest to enhance and improve their skills.

We are committed to communicating UMB best practices and sharing our expertise and experiences with current and new administrative professionals at the University.  


  1. Provide and direct administrative professionals to resources, identifying website links and learning tools that will help familiarize them with UMB policies and procedures that will help them better understand and maneuver through UMB processes.
  2. Offer skill improvement tips and demos to enhance organizing, coordinating, and problem-solving techniques by inviting each committee member to share from their perspective and expertise and/or invite a speaker from UMB departments to present and speak on a relevant topic useful to UMB administrative professionals.
  3. Improve communications among administrative staff by identifying areas needing upgrades or improvements throughout the University that will enhance the UMB experience.
  4. Encourage new UMB administrative support professionals to reach out to the committee to obtain information and tools offered.
  5. Create and offer workshop presentations to the community through the UMB Community Engagement Center on office etiquette and basic office skills, procedures, and customer service.