Tisha Edwards, JD '01, MSW '00


Tisha Edwards

Tisha Edwards serves as the secretary of appointments and a trusted advisor to Maryland Gov. Wes Moore. Edwards was the principal architect behind the appointment of Moore’s historically diverse Cabinet. Leading the Governor’s Appointments Office, she is responsible for amplifying the administration's impact across the state — through appointments to Maryland’s 600-plus boards and commissions. With core principles of excellence and equity, Edwards plays a pivotal role in realizing Moore's transformative vision to leave no Marylander behind.

Prior to joining state service, Edwards served as chief of staff for the governor’s successful gubernatorial campaign and election as Maryland’s first African American governor.

Edwards is recognized for her expertise in developing purpose-driven strategies that maximize outcomes for constituents and stakeholders. With a career spanning over 20 years, she has negotiated landmark contracts benefiting Baltimore City teachers, distributed vital eviction prevention aid during the COVID-19 crisis, and chaired the committee to modernize Maryland's recruitment and hiring practices. Edwards is a C-Suite executive with extensive leadership within the private, nonprofit, and government sectors.

Edwards is a sought-after thought leader and frequent speaker on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She serves on the boards of the United Way of Central Maryland, Baltimore’s Promise, Mariposa Education, and the University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc. 

Edwards earned her Master of Social Work and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. She is a dedicated mother to Nicholas and Nevan and is a native of Meridian, Miss.