UMBrella Awards

UMB Awards

As an ongoing effort to shine light on talented and dedicated University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) employees, UMBrella is sponsoring awards to recognize the contributions made by individuals who support the success of women at UMB.

UMBrella Awards may be given annually in three separate categories: (1) On the Rise, (2) Leading the Way, and (3) Champion of the Year. Nominees must be members of the UMB community.  While nominations with an affiliation with UMBrella are encouraged, no prior participation in UMBrella-sponsored programs or activities is necessary to nominate an individual or to receive an UMBrella Award.  Refer to the descriptions below for eligibility for each award category.  Eligibility will be construed as broadly as possible to encourage greater opportunities to celebrate the contributions of our colleagues across campus in support of UMBrella's mission. 

  • Candidates can be nominated or individuals may nominate themselves.
  • A nominee must be a UMB employee in good standing.
  • 2024 UMBrella Awards nominations closed on Oct 31. Award winners will be announced during the 2024 Women's History Month Symposium on March 6, 2024. 

Person of the Year — On the Rise 

  • A member of the UMB community of any gender who has achieved growth in their career or overcome personal/professional challenges with the utilization of mentorship, coaching, and/or professional development opportunities. Nominees for this award should be at an early stage (within the first ten years) of their career. 

Person of the Year — Leading the Way 

  • A member of the UMB community of any gender who has demonstrated leadership as a role model, coach, and/or mentor to assist their colleagues and/or mentees who are women in reaching their personal/professional goals. Nominees for this award should be mid-career to senior career professionals. 

Champion of the Year 

  • A member of the UMB community of any gender who serves as a role model in their commitment to championing the role of women in academia and/or administration. Nominees for this award should be senior career professionals who have a broad scope of influence.

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