Mai Trinh, MS

“Recognizing and Coping with Stressful Triggers”

What are your stressful triggers? Relationships? Work emails? Long commutes? Become aware of stressful triggers and appropriate ways to respond to those triggers. In this session, you will understand stressful triggers that bring you to an unbalanced state and the effects they have on your overall well-being. We will explore mindful movement as an effective approach to handling stressful triggers and other positive coping skills for a healthier and more productive life. These approaches are ideal for coping with stress both inside and outside of the workplace.


Mai TrinhMai Trinh is the founder of Mai Health Now, a program that helps busy individuals learn how to boost their energy so they can be healthier, happier, and more productive. Mai Health Now teaches people how to put their health first by learning how to nourish their body from the inside out. Trinh shares effective steps to help prevent chronic disease, lower stress levels, and decrease inflammation in the body.

Trinh earned a master’s degree in global health from George Mason University in Virginia and is a certified holistic health counselor. She received her training and certifications in holistic health counseling from the Teachers College at Columbia University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, both in New York City.

Based in Alexandria, Va., Trinh leads seminars around the Washington, D.C., area on an array of topics, including chronic disease prevention, stress management, diabetes, women’s health, men’s health, and nutrition. She has served as a keynote speaker for universities, government agencies, churches, and Fortune 500 companies. Trinh also offers corporate webinars, cooking demos, on-site health counseling, phone counseling, and private coaching sessions.