Rebecca Malotke-Meslin

A Tangled Web: Perfectionism, Risk-Taking, and Innovating

What is holding you back from being an innovative leader? Women face a unique and tangled web of internal and external challenges as they navigate their path toward leadership. This breakout session will focus on understanding how perfectionism can hold you back from taking big risks and subsequently reaping big rewards. We’ll also talk about how to take action despite fear of scrutiny and fear of failure.


Rebecca Malotke-MeslinRebecca Malotke-Meslin is the founder of Pleasantly Aggressive Coaching & Consulting, where she coaches women working in independent schools to confidently own their leadership. Malotke-Meslin combines a background in social research with 20 years of sales, marketing, communications, and administrative leadership experience to offer a wealth of knowledge and an engaging experience for her clients. She is passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to eliminate barriers and reduce biases to create inclusive spaces. She is the host of “Confidently You: Women In Leadership Podcast.”