Flair, Janice
Administrative Manager
Human Resources

Hill, Mae
Office Manager
Police/Public Safety

Johnson, Tyra
Budget Analyst
Central Administration Support Services (CASS)

McGee-Chavis, Shelvia
Sr. Program Specialist
Central Administration Support Services (CASS)

Poole, Saifa
Assistant to the Senior Vice President
Office of the Sr. Vice President

Richards, Freda
Assistant Manager
Office of the Dean, School of Medicine

George, Tracey
Executive Assistant
Office of the Dean, School of Law

Stephanie White
Office Manager, Affairs Analyst
Office of the Dean, School of Nursing

Dietz, Kelly

Assistant to the Vice President
Office of Philanthropy

Woodly, Clara
Executive Assistant to the President
Office of the President

Smith, Eris
Office Manager
Office of the Dean, Dental School

Adkins, Jeannie
Program Administrative Specialist
SOM, Office of Resource Management