2024 UMBrella Award Winners

UMBrella Person of the Year — On the Rise

Christina Manoto

Christina Manoto, MBA
Management Advisory 
Analyst, UMB

Christina Manoto serves as the management advisory analyst in the Office of Change Management and Advisory Services, Administration and Finance, UMB. Since her start at UMB, Manoto has taken advantage of many professional development opportunities to help propel her professional trajectory. She received the James T. Hill Scholarship in 2017 to help support finishing her degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Since that time, she also obtained her Master of Business Administration. As a Cohort 3 participant in the UMBrella Coaching Program, she admirably showed courage to share her perspectives with her UMBrella colleagues, inspiring other women to share their professional aspirations and confront their own professional challenges. As she continues to enhance her leadership and network skills, Manoto’s professional growth at UMB fully embodies the mission of UMBrella to help women achieve their personal and professional goals. 

UMBrella Person of the Year — Leading the Way

Neijma Celestine-Donnor

Neijma Celestine-Donnor, JD, MSW
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Neijma Celestine-Donnor symbolizes the spirit of the mission of UMBrella through her commitment to cultivating women leaders. In her role, Celestine-Donnor displays energy, integrity, vision, and compassion to support and empower women. She creates and implements programs that provide opportunities for women to grow professionally and develop leadership skills. Celestine-Donnor serves as a coach and mentor to many women both inside and outside of UMB, providing guidance and inspiring them to excel. She recognizes the significance of connecting women to resources that promote their professional success. Celestine-Donnor is a tireless advocate for women’s success, and she creates spaces for women to connect, collaborate, and celebrate their achievements. Her leadership reflects her dedication to the advancement of women now and the empowerment of future women leaders. 

UMBrella Champion of the Year

Donna Parker

Donna Parker, MD, FACP
Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education, and Professor, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine

Since the beginning of her journey in the medical profession, Donna Parker has been working tirelessly to find ways to help other women in medicine. Parker has devoted her career to advocating for women in the profession, mentoring and coaching individuals and groups of women, and creating a welcoming and supportive place for them to thrive in their careers. She has received numerous honors and awards in recognition of her professional achievements, but her service and guidance to aspiring women medical professionals merit special accolades. Her remarkable professional journey includes myriad leadership roles, including her current role as senior associate dean for undergraduate medical education. As a leader at UMB and beyond, Parker proudly advocates for women, serving as a voice in spaces where other women are not in the room to advocate for themselves. Her thoughtful engagement in key committees and programs at UMB reflects her resolve to keep the goals of women and the elevation of women in medicine at UMB at the forefront of her priorities.