Zuleide “Zu” Dietzenbach, MBA, CCMP

“Changing and Succeeding in the Same Breath”

Life is unpredictable and COVID has made this statement even more evident. Those who can quickly adjust and adapt to change are the ones more likely to succeed. Would you like to become more agile at changing, personally and professionally?


Zu Dietzenbach bio

Zu Dietzenbach is an energetic, passionate, and knowledgeable speaker who will open your mind to what it really takes to change. She inspires leaders to build trust and have deeper connection with their employees. She believes that having a sincere interest in people is the best way to motivate, engage, and facilitate change.

Dietzenbach is Prosci-certified and a certified change management professional (CCMP) with extensive experience utilizing change management methodologies, tools, and discipline to guarantee successful delivery and adoption of a business’ priorities. She loves connecting with people and helping them to smoothly transition through change.

Dietzenbach worked for Bayer (formerly Monsanto) for over 19 years, holding roles with a wide range of responsibilities in the areas of finance, global trade and compliance, supply chain, and change management. As a change manager, she coached leaders on how to lead change and engage employees, and she implemented several multimillion-dollar global projects that required change with people, processes, and tools.

Dietzenbach owns Change Management Consulting, LLC, a consulting company whose mission is to help leaders and organizations implement smooth, hassle-free, and lasting changes. She has assisted organizations and companies such as the National Football League, Potter Electric, and Bayer, among others.