Laura Kozak

Laura Kozak small

Laura Kozak, MA, is senior associate vice president in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs (CPA). Her promotion from assistant VP on May 27, 2016, continues her ascendancy in CPA, where she began in January 2008 and became interim AVP in March 2011.

A hands-on, do-it-now leader who directs a talented team that prides itself on high quality despite quick deadline demands, Kozak has demonstrated the ability to inspire all aspects of CPA to work together for the schools and administrative units that comprise the University, including many projects for the Office of the President.

In recent years she has taken on more Universitywide responsibility, sharing her talents in such important initiatives as the strategic plan executive implementation team, the strategic plan logistics team, the Middle States logistics team, the emergency management team, enterprise risk management team, MPowering the State Communications Steering Committee, and others. 

Kozak holds a Master of Arts degree in publications design from the University of Baltimore.