Priority Projects and Activities - October 2020

Compliance Project (Assess High Risk and Medium Risk Items) 

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: This effort is to address our information security compliance against past audit notes and internal assessments.  At this time, we have nearly addressed all items the Chief Security Officer has flagged and should be complete by December 2020.

Mapping USM IT Standards to UMB policies and procedures 

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: We are mapping our existing UMB policies and procedures to the University System of Maryland (USM) IT Security Standards. The final policies and documentation have been created.  A final review is now necessary and should be complete by mid-December 2020.

Rapid7 - replaces Nessus (vulnerability/patch management) 

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: This effort replaced our current vulnerability management software, Tenable Nessus.  All installation and configurations were completed.  All schools have been training in its use. This project is now completed.

Elastic - replaces LogRythm 

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: This log management software replaces the current application, LogRythm. Currently working with networking team to send network equipment logs and a consultant to tune the log messages. The networking equipment should be completed by mid-October 2020. Then we will work with infrastructure to determine which group we will start next with: windows or *nix side. Target completion December 2020.

SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) - replaces ZenWorks 

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description:  Working with a consultant Data Networks, we are replacing ZenWorks (our current system software management product) with the Microsoft SCCM system.  Currently, operating system and SQL (the database management software) is being upgraded to the newest version on the hardware.  Targeting to complete this project by the end of 2020.

Electronic Signatures (Docusign) 

CITS Accountable Lead – Doug Bowser

Description:  This project implemented software that allows electronic documents to be legally signed electronically, eliminating the need for hard copy documents.  A soft roll-out was completed on September 24. Once all use policies are signed, we will make an official announcement of the software’s availability.

Community Engagement Center (CEC) building - Network and A/V 

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description:  All networking needs have been installed into the newly constructed Community Engagement Center building. Due to current COVID related restrictions, the AV vendor has been postponed.  The official opening of the building has also been postponed.

HCM, Portal and Phire PeopleTools 8.5.7 Upgrade 

CITS Accountable Lead – Diane Faranetta

Description: This project upgrades PeopleTools (HR systems software) to version 8.57 for Human Capital Management (HCM), Portal and Phire (for application change management). Lab and Production web servers have been upgraded. HCM and Portal PeopleTools upgrade is completed and re-application of customizations completed. Phire application upgrade is completed. Waiting on parts for development servers.  Development servers must be upgraded before this upgrade can be completed in production.

Complete implementation of Zoom and establish support 

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: Zoom (an additional tele-meeting application) has been deployed, with a landing page created, Cloud recording enabled and an established procedure for Zoom Add-ons. Some users are still using external Zoom accounts.  We are working with the vendor to establish a method to bring these University users under the UMB account.  We are also establishing a robust support model via CITS Help Desk, AV and Training Team including other schools’ IT support.

Portal - Presentation Layer (Discovery) 

CITS Accountable Lead – Dr. Murray

Description: We are currently in the Discovery phase for a replacement of our application portal.  The current portal is based on a PeopleSoft product we are no longer relying on.  We expect to be in the Discovery phase for this search through the rest of the 2020 calendar year.

NIST 800-63-3 Password Policy 

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: The University is working toward adhering to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) suggestions for having a non-expiring password policy for systems and applications that use Multi-Factor Authentication.  The CITS Identity Management team and Windows group has tested password configurations with campus domain admins in their respective Active Directories. We are currently working through how to add a password quality check into the University account management site.  Project completion is targeted for mid-November 2020.

Security Awareness Training (Sum Total) 

CITS Accountable Lead – Fred Smith

Description: Self-guided online courses were reviewed and two were selected for training. The courses were added to the HR Learning Management System (LMS). We established a requirement of 80% completion for both courses, which was reported as reached as of September 30, 2020.  This project is completed.

Community engagement system (Discovery) 

CITS Accountable Lead – Dr. Murray

Description: The University is looking for an application to track our community engagement interactions, courses, events, grants etc. to enhance faculty/staff/student work on the ground working in our community/neighborhoods. The Community Engagement team is working with procurement to buy a product called Collaboratory.  The project will be led by the Community Engagement Center (CEC) team with help from individuals in the school and CITS.  Management of the ultimately chosen software will reside with the CEC.

Clinical translation science application/TriNetX (Hospital data project) 

CITS Accountable Lead – Dr. Murray

Description: This project will make it possible for UMB and Johns Hopkins Universities to pool their clinical data for research purposes for the benefit of both Universities. Data mapping has been completed.  As of October 6, 2020, the TriNetX appliance (that will process and server this data) was racked and installed on campus.  Further configuration will be required by Networking and Security.  The full project is on track for completion by the end of 2020.

Analytics and reporting - Stabilization needs 

CITS Accountable Lead – Michael Brown

Description: We are working with Huron consulting on the following items for analytics and reporting: Fiscal Year-End Close, Financial Audit, Encumbrances Added to Trans Union, Balance Sheet Reporting, Usage Tracking Enablement, Knowledge Transfer.

Upgrade to Redhat 7 

CITS Accountable Lead – Ryan Whyms

Description: This project will upgrade Redhat 6 to Redhat 7 as well as upgrade Centos 6 to Redhat 7.  This is the software used to manage Linux servers, where many of our applications reside. The project team has met with application owners to determine upgrade approach (in place upgrade vs new virtual machines with clean install).  They have scheduled the upgrades and are executing them per their agreements. Constant commitment from application owners will be needed to perform application installs and testing.

Mysoft replacement [Infortel] 

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: We are replacing the telecom billing software MySoft with a new product called Infortel. Customized programming was completed to accommodate 55-character General Ledger (GL) field for Quantum Financials. Single Sign On is being implemented. A GL import file from Infortel will be uploaded into the Quantum test area for a comparison of July 2020.  Verizon import and Quantum export files are working properly, and BAC owners can view their invoice details.  We plan to go-live in November or December 2020.

Mediasite Storage Rearchitect 

CITS Accountable Lead – Ryan Whyms

Description: Mediasite is a desktop capture tool that is used to record class sessions and lectures and upload recordings to university servers. This project repurposed Mediasite’s disaster recovery (DR) storage for primary storage. The project was competed August 13, 2020.

Cloud faxing (eFax) 

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: We are choosing a product for faxing documents electronically without the need for a fax machine.  No agreement was reached between UMB Legal and Retarus direct (the vendor product currently under consideration). Instead, UMB is looking into using a Reseller to procure the service. Initial purchase is for 20 Fax numbers (Inbound) and up to 1,000 end users will have the ability to fax via MS Outlook. Reseller pricing may be higher than direct pricing.

Wired and wireless network upgrades in residence halls 

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: For Pascault Row, this project started April/May 2019 for a Site Survey.  A quote was acquired in February 2020 for ~$100,000, but no PO was issued. For Fayette Student Housing, we received design specifications for wireless coverage, but due to Covid-19, no Site Survey was conducted for Fayette Housing. Priority will need to be defined (pre and post-Covid-19) on whether to pursue this further at this time.

Hybrid Telephone Calling (Webex Teams) rollout to campus 

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: The University is now offering the ability to have your smartphone or computer act as your office phone through a feature of Webex Teams called Hybrid Telephone Calling.  The rollout to campus has been completed. As of the end of August 2020, 530 users had Hybrid Calling configured and working.  We can have up to 5,000 users. Users can download Webex Teams from the Apple or Android store onto their cell phone.  This will give users the ability to hide (or disguise) their personal cell phone number.  The Caller ID for all placed calls (via Webex Teams) will be the user's UMB desk extension.

Preferred Name 

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: This project created a new web app with an e-form to request the use of a preferred name, gender, or pronoun.  The eDirectory has been updated with new corresponding Preferred Name attributes. It also mapped these attributes for use in several systems, including Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Student Information Management System (SIMS), and OneCard. Remaining work: ensuring the data feeds to necessary applications are propagating properly.

Study Participation Gift Card System 

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description:  The gift card system (used to track incentive gift cards to study participants) is managed by Financial Services. It will be converted to Oracle and utilize more advanced/newer Coldfusion processes that will streamline and improve the current workflows, reporting, and communication. the GFS application will move from its current server on to CITS Coldfusion servers that are managed by the CITS Web team targeting completion by the end of December 2020.

IdM - FIS (SOM) Data Source 

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: This project is establishing the Faculty Information System (FIS) for the School of Medicine (SOM) as a data source to the eDirectory. Final tasks are underway in order to begin provisioning FIS accounts using the eDirectory.  The project is targeting completion at the end of October 2020.

Advance Server upgrade 

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: Upgrading the Ellucian Advance application from version 2018 to version 2019.  The upgrade was completed the weekend of October 2, 2020.

CITS Tools Web App Rewrite (python to Coldfusion) 

CITS Accountable Lead – Brian Coats

Description: CITS Tools is an online site where several links to various system tools are provided to the campus IT administrators. We are moving these tools off the current site, updated and re-written, and moved onto CITS Coldfusion servers. They will be managed by the CITS Web team. The effort is 90% completed and targeted to be complete and go-live by October 30, 2020.

SOP Poison Center Network segmentation 

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: Separate networks have been setup for School of Pharmacy (SOP) Poison Center Desktops (RX-MPC-Desktops). Firewall rules need to be submitted by SOP. The Poison Center will handle the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, or DHCP (the tool that enables their networked computers to communicate with computers in a different network), for their workstations and migrate Desktops to the new Virtual Large Area Network (VLAN). May need time on-site to complete project.  Poison Center technical resources are needed to move each server and desktop to the VLAN.

Virtual Event Platform for Students Orientations and Conferences 

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: CITS Working with Communications subcommittee to identify a contract for a University wide virtual events platform that would meet the diverse event needs across UMB. Vendor selection for solution is underway. Ongoing support of Virtual Platforms may require additional resources.

Closed Caption for Webex and Zoom 

CITS Accountable Lead – Zia Mafaher

Description: Webex has integrated "live" closed captioning (CC) into their product and it has been offered it to Staff and Faculty.   Still waiting for Zoom to integrate "live" CC.   Zoom is only integrating "traditional" CC not a full blown ai (artificial intelligent) solution similar to Webex. No exact dates have been provided by Zoom.

Integration of Learning Space and Zoom 

CITS Accountable Leads – Zia Mafaher

Description: This effort integrated the use of the Zoom virtual meeting tool with Learning Space. A Sub Account was created in Zoom to make this possible.  10 Virtual Classrooms were configured in Zoom and the Zoom API keys were entered into Learning Space. This project was reported completed August 27, 2020.

Maximus Upgrade 

CITS Accountable Leads – Doug Bowser

Description: The Maximus application is used for effort distribution, tracking and reporting for faculty and staff who are working on or being paid from a grant that the University has been awarded. Single Sign-on has been established User review and audit of migrated data is to be completed by November 9, 2020. We will then review the mapping and testing of loading of input files by the end of November 2020. The final migration of production data will occur the weekend of December 14, 2020.