How to Record and Share a Webex Presentation in Ten Easy Steps

  1. Launch a browser, navigate to, then login to Webex using your UMBID and password, and DUO two-factor authentication.
  2. Find and click on the Start a Meeting button.
  3. Enable your microphone and camera and click, Start Meeting.
  4. If appropriate, launch PowerPoint and open your slide presentation.
  5. When ready, click the Recorder button on the bottom of your screen and begin your presentation.
  6. To display the PowerPoint, you must Open Powerpoint first, click the Share Content button (next to the Recorder button) and select PowerPoint.
  7. To stop sharing the presentation, move your pointer to the orange bar at the top of the screen wait for the tool bar to descend from the top of the screen. Select Stop Sharing.
  8. To Stop the Recording, click on the Recorder button again and select Stop Recording.
  9. To share your recording, return to the Webex Portal ( and select Recordings (on the left). Please be aware that your recording may not be immediately available. Lengthy recordings sometimes take up to 24 hours to finish “generating.”
  10. Locate your recording and either click the Download button to download a MP4 version of your video or click the Share button to email the recording to your selected recipients. 

If you have any problems recording or distributing your presentation, the Webex Video Tutorial site can help. Go to