Webex FAQs

Do I have a Webex License? 

Try logging in first to verify if you have a license - https://umaryland.webex.com

Call your respective Helpdesk. Numbers and emails are located at the bottom of this page.


Does everyone have a Personal Room? 

Personal Rooms come with the Webex License. Because the meeting number will always be the same, be sure to lock the meeting after your participants join.


How do I create a Webex Meeting while using Office 365? 

In the Locationfield, you can add @meet (Webex Teams Meeting) or @webex (Personal Room) and the meeting details will appear after 5 minutes.

Our recommendation is to use MS Outlook local on your laptop or computer. Download and install the Webex Productivity Tools. Login to the Webex portal at https://umaryland.webex.com, click Downloads (lower left) and scroll to the middle of the page to find Webex Productivity Tools. This will add the Webex icon to your toolbar while using MS Outlook.

How do I Record a meeting? How do I retrieve my Recording? 

Recording a Meeting: Click the record icon (located at the bottom of each meeting) and always select Cloud Recordings. Note that only the host or alternate host can Record Meetings


Retrieving a Recording: Only the host will receive notice of the recording and only the host can share/distribute recordings. The host can find recordings by logging into the portal, https://umaryland.webex.com, and clicking Recordings. This will show your recordings and any shared recordings.

Can I call into a meeting? 

Yes, all Webex Meetings have a phone number listed for dial-in. Note that long distance rates may apply for dial-ins.

Feel free to Click JOIN and use the Internet to listen to a meeting.

I had a normal (in-person) meeting scheduled, how do I change it to a Webex Meeting? 

Simply open the appointment in MS Outlook, click the Add Webex Meeting icon on the toolbar, and click Save to see the Webex Meeting details.


I had problems with my meeting? i.e. people couldn’t join, audio problems 

Contact your Helpdesk. Provide Host name, Meeting Number and Date/Time of the Meeting.

While Teleworking, people cannot hear me on the call. 

When joining or starting a meeting, be sure you are connected to your local PC and not using VPN and remote desktop.

Download Webex to your local computer or mobile device: https://umaryland.webex.com
Sign In and click Downloads.

Make sure you do not have another session of Webex or another tool (i.e. Skype or Zoom) open and using your audio device.

How do I customize my Webex settings? 

Visit https://umaryland.webex.com and select Preferences.

  1. Personal Room
  2. Audio/Video
  3. Recording

When should I use Zoom vs. Webex? 

  • Webex is still the primary collaboration tool, it’s personal preference if you want to use Webex or Zoom. Adding Zoom to UMB’s toolbox gives students, staff and faculty options to offer remote education, telework and telehealth needs at UMB.  Here’s a brief comparison:




Cloud Recordings



Maximum # of Participants

300 included

 (see Zoom Add-On Pricing Sheet)

1,000 included


Additional fee for 100, 500 or 1,000 participants. (see Zoom Add-On Pricing Sheet)

Included with Webex Events (up to 1,000 participants)

Quick Glance:  Benefits

Picture quality of Meetings, Grid view of participants, and easy to schedule a meeting.

Cloud Recordings, unlimited storage, grid view capable, and includes Webex Teams (with telephone integration) and Webex Events (= Zoom Webinar).

Differences between Webex Events and Zoom Webinar 


Webex Events (included as part of the license)

Zoom Webinar (Needs an additional paid license)




# of participants allowed per Meeting


Participant options:  100, 500, or 1,000 ($350 - $2,955)

# of panelists permitted



Chat and Q&A Available



Cloud Recording

Yes (Unlimited Storage)

Yes (.5 Gb per person)




Embed password in meeting link for one-click join



Join before Start Time

Configured per Event


Live Broadcasting (FB, YouTube, etc.)

  • Must be enabled for meeting host.
  • Must be enabled for meeting host.

Mute participants upon entry

Configured per Event

Configured per Event

Participants video

Attendees - No  Panelists - optional

Attendees - No  Panelists - optional

Virtual background



Private Preparation Room (for Panelists and Presenters)