Cisco Webex - Unified Calling

Unified Calling (formerly hybrid calling) allows you to use the Cisco Webex application as your work telephone while you telework or are simply away from the office.   It’s mostly used by downloading the Webex App on a cell phone or mobile device or by using the Desktop Webex Application.

Note:  If you download Webex on your personal cell phone and place a call through the Webex application, the Caller ID will display your UMB Extension and your cell phone number will remain private.

While teleworking, this is a great way to stay connected.  You’ll have the ability to virtually answer calls placed to your UMB desk extension and display UMB’s phone number for placed calls.  In addition, this service uses your Internet (Wi-Fi) connection speeds instead of your cellular service that may have a weak signal in your home.

Criteria to use this feature (Cisco Webex:  Unified Calling)

  1. You must have a Webex License
  2. Your telephone number must be managed by CITS
  3. You must have a UMB managed extension

For instructions on how to use Unified Calling, click here.

To learn more about Webex, click here.

If you are experiencing any issues, please submit a request directly to