UMB Affiliate

A new procedure for requesting affiliates was implemented on January 28, 2014.  Instead of filling out a form, getting signatures and sending the form to the IT Help Desk, the affiliate information will now be entered into the UMB Community System.

Affiliates are primarily individuals who are not paid employees or registered students, who need access to University resources. 

Affiliates in the old system were converted to affiliates in the UMB Community System after close of business on January 27th.  The conversion should be transparent to existing affiliates.

Any affiliate forms (from the old system) that were not processed by 4 p.m. on January 27th will need to be entered into the UMB Community System.

Editors, sponsors and approvers can enter affiliates into the UMB Community System.  For a current list of editors, sponsors and approvers, click here.

NOTE: Getting an affiliate account does not automatically grant access to resources that require individuals to be a paid employee or registered student.  For example access to library resources or discounted software.

Certain applications (such as eUM HR, eUM Financials, eUM RAVEN, COEUS) require an additional form be filled out for access.

Building access requires an additional form to be filled out.