Digital Signage

Digital Display Request

The University of Maryland digital signage standard is “Nexus On-Demand” which enables individuals with access to the system to post messages specifically intended for school or department audiences, and/or for the University community at-large. 

Public safety personnel will have system access to post important and critical broadcasts to the University community. All informational postings handled by communications personnel will use this digital signage standard.   This system is backwards compatible with all existing Cisco digital signage equipment. 




Edge 340 CS-E400-M32-K9

$800 (approximate)

License for Edge 300

$800 (approximate)

Maintenance (for Edge 300)

$65 per year

Monitor - 46” 1080p (1920x1080) commercial monitor with  HDMI, RS232 serial port, built in speakers (46” monitor or larger is recommended for building entrance for emergency announcements)



Mounting bracket 32 to 70” monitor


Electrical outlet (in the future we plan to have on emergency power)


Network jack


USB to serial cable to connect Edge player to monitor


  • To purchase the Edge 300 player, license and maintenance contact our current state contract vendor: DISYS email: Neeraj.Gaba
  • DISYS also sells monitors and mounts but these can be purchased from any vendor.
  • For electrical outlet installation contact work control 6-7570
  • Network jack installation.

The monitor standard provides a feature for remotely changing and scheduling the on/off power of the monitors.  Because of location specific requirements, there may be deviations from the standard.  Please use this link for an example of a monitor that meets these requirements.