Networking Services

Campus Fiber Infrastructure

  • Maintenance of existing fiber
  • Oversee the installation of outside plant campus, as well as intra-building fiber
  • Keep current inventory for cable management package
  • Provide connectivity to building point of presence for schools and departments

Campus Core Network

  • Maintain and configure core routers, switches, and firewalls
  • Work with schools and departments to provide connectivity to core

Campus Wireless

  • Develop standards for campus-wide wireless initiative
  • Work with schools to convert wireless to campus supported standard
  • Maintain Network Access Control (NAC) Servers for guest- and conference-related wireless connectivity
  • Maintain SSID control for Wi-Fi-enabled handhelds

Digital Signage

Domain Name Services

  • Maintain the subnet allocation for campus and hospital
  • Host outside facing as well as internal DNS, DHCP, and Time Servers

Detailed Network Troubleshooting

  • Work with schools and departments in troubleshooting network-related issues
  • Discover and remove inadvertent rogue DHCP servers and wireless access points


  • Cisco-specific solutions
  • Network configurations
  • Wireless configurations

Campus Standards

  • Oversee the new construction and renovation projects on campus
  • Provide standards for campus community and vendors