Outlook provides access to your email, calendar, task manager, contact manager and more (Not available for students who have GAE accounts).

To learn more about Outlook, please visit the Microsoft Outlook help center.  Under each topic (Get Started, Create & send email, Manage email, etc.), detailed instructions on various features can be found.

How do I access?

All Office 365 applications can be accessed through the Office 365 Portal at https://portal.office.com.

Organizing & Managing Email

  • Managing Your Outloox Inbox 
  • Reviewing Space Allocation
    • Log into the Outlook Web App:
    • Log into https://portal.office.com and click Outlook
    • On the top right of the page, click the gear icon to open the Settings menu
    • Towards the bottom in the “Your app settings” section, click “Mail”
    • On the left side of the page, towards the bottom click “Clean up mailbox” to see your mailbox usage
  • Emptying "Deleted Items" Folder