UMID and WorkstationID activation information

UMID Activation for Workstation and Email Access

Over the last several years, UMB has made a significant transition for almost all university applications and services to a common username — the UMID.  One of the key remaining steps in this common ID initiative involves how users log into their workstations and access their email accounts.

The Center for Information Technology Services is pleased to announce that the UMID is now able to be activated for both workstation and email access. This is a significant advancement toward providing users a single username and password to be used for all their applications and services at UMB. The UMID can already be used with over 150 applications and services at UMB and adding workstation and email access to this list is a momentous achievement!

A fundamental element of activating the UMID for workstation and email access is to establish a single username.  In many cases, users already have UMIDs that match their Workstation ID and Email Account. For those users the activation process is very quick and involves effectively no change. For users that have a UMID that doesn’t match their Workstation ID and Email Account, they will need to reconcile the difference and transition to a single ID.

Once your account has been linked, this means your SOM password used for email and logging into your Windows workstation also will change to match your UMID password.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to change my UMID? 

Everyone that receives the email invitation will need to complete the activation process but not everyone will need to change their UMIDs during the process. People whose workstation ID and email account that already match their UMID will not have to make any changes. Everyone else will be presented with new UMID/workstation ID options that adhere to the University naming conventions. Please see FAQ 7 for the naming conventions. 

Where will I manage my password? 

Once you have completed the activation process you will manage your password through the Account Management site. This is the only tool you will need to reset your password for your workstation logon, your email account, and all of the UMID applications and services such as your timesheets, Eduroam, Blackboard and more.

How does this benefit me? 

The benefit of activating your UMID for workstation and email access is that you will only have one password to maintain. By completing this process we’re eliminating the need for separate passwords to access separate services. No more changing your password in two places to maintain access to all services. You can now manage your single password at the Account Management site for access to your workstation logon, your email account, and all of the UMID applications and services.

Why are my UMID choices limited?  

A fundamental element of activating the UMID for workstation and email access is to establish a single username. The username will be the same as the first part of your email address, for example, with email address the username would be xyz. You will be able to choose from a list of possible usernames presented to you during the activation process. One option will be to keep your current workstation ID and email address.    

Can I change my UMID again in the future? 

Once a person completes the activation process they will no longer be able to change their UMID. In cases that involve name changes or other reasons where it would be appropriate to change a UMID, users must contact an administrator to facilitate the change. The option to change your UMID will no longer appear on the Account Management site once a person completes the activation process.

Who can activate their UMID for workstation and email accounts? 

The first rollout will affect CITS users only. This is the first phase while subsequent phases will include additional schools as the activation moves forward.

What are the University naming conventions? 

User’s Legal Name

John David Smith

First Initial + Last Name

First Initial + Middle Initial + Last Name

First Name + Last Name

First Name . Last Name

I’m going through the process, so why don’t I see all of the University naming conventions available to me? 

People presented with the option to choose a UMID/workstation ID can choose from a list of unique UMIDs/workstation IDs that are available to them. If another person already uses that ID then it will not be included in the list of options.

How will my password expiration date and aging policy be affected? 

After activating workstation and email access for the UMID, your new single password will be used for workstation and email access.  As such, the expiration date and the expiration period (aging policy) will be consistent with your current UMID expiration rules.

Immediately following the activation process, will any of my application access be affected? 

Depending on whether your UMID and/or workstation ID need to change as part of this activation process, there may be a small delay for access to certain systems following the activation.  These systems include the Helpdesk (Novell Service Desk), Multi-factor authentication for VPN (DUO Security), Personal home directory on the network.  The confirmation email sent after the activation process, will inform you if your access will be impacted and explain which specific applications are affected and when your access will be restored automatically by the affected system.

Email on my Android phone stopped working. How can I fix it? 

This question should apply only to people who have chosen to update their Workstation ID and as a consequence have been assigned a new email address. UMB email accounts that are setup on Android phones will need to be removed and re-added with the new account information in order to maintain functionality. Please wait until you hear from the LAN Admins group that your new account is ready BEFORE taking any action on your mobile device. 

Will my email address change when I finish the activation process? 

Only people choosing to update their Workstation ID will have their email address change. Everyone will have the option to keep their existing Workstation ID and email address. If you are presented with the option to change your Workstation ID, and you choose that option, then your email address will change to reflect the new ID. The Windows Administrators will contact you once your new email address is ready. Your old email address will remain deliverable to the new email address and all of your email communications from this point forward will be sent from your new email address.