Esri's ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information.

It is used for: creating and using maps; compiling geographic data; analyzing mapped information; sharing and discovering geographic information; using maps and geographic information in a range of applications; and managing geographic information in a database.

The system provides an infrastructure for making maps and geographic information available throughout an organization, across a community, and openly on the Web.  

Students during 1-year promotion

Specify Windows 32-bit or 64-bit, or Linux

Faculty/staff departmental use:

  • License cost is covered for the following, as a result of these groups paying the annual renewal:
    • Schools of Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy & Social Work
    • Department of Medicine
    • Department of Family Medicine
    • Department of Pediatrics
    • Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
    • IHV
    • Shock Trauma & Anesthesiology Research
    • All others please email us.  Additional licenses are currently $335 per department or school, and will be pro-rated as additional licenses are purchased.
  • ArcGIS for Desktop installation media = $10.
  • Additional media for extensions are available at $10 per disc.


For more information, please visit this website.


Interested in ESRI Virtual Campus training courses? Please email us with the course you'd like to learn. All courses are free with a license purchase.