UMB Mobile

Mobile UMB puts UMB in the palm of your hand. Our mobile initiatives easily offer essential UMB information on any web-enabled smartphone. For visitors and the UMB community, our mobile app offers you the UMB experience when you are on the go. Download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play now! View a list of features here

Course Class and Grades on Your Mobile UMB App

The Center for Technology Services (CITS), in partnership with the registrar and the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, is happy to announce two new resources in the UMB mobile app in time for the start of the new school year. Students can now see their class schedules on the run. They also can check final term grades as soon as they are posted. This app does not replace SURFS; it's a supplemental way for students to access class and grade information. 

How do I access password-protected content such as grades and class information? 

To access grades and class information, you must have a campus UMID login and password. This is the same login and password you used to access SURFS and the Eduroam campus wireless network. Once in the UMB mobile app, select the "Courses" icon. You will receive a Shibboleth sign-in screen to enter your UMID and password. Once you successfully log in, hit the OK button.

What is 'My Grades'? 

My Grades allows you to view grades for all terms. For the current term, those grades will not appear until grades are posted as final.

What is 'My Classes'? 

My Classes allows you to view information about the current courses you are taking or courses you have taken in the past.