Additional International Travel Tips and Information

Map of the worldIf you don’t have access to a loaner iPad of MacBook Pro, and you must take your personal laptop, it is recommended that you take the following steps before you leave:
  • Make a complete backup before leaving
  • Make sure that your laptop is encrypted
  • Remove any moderate- or high-risk data
  • Upon return, save any documents created during travel, completely wipe the computer, and restore from backup made before leaving
Consider whether you really need a mobile phone. The best thing to do is to use a device you donImage of planes on a runway’t ever need to use again.  This can be a burner phone or a phone that is purchased or rented at the airport or hotel when you arrive at your destination. ‌
 Images of passport

When you return:

  • Change your UMID password
  • If you took your personal computer, have it wiped clean before reconnecting to the campus network
  • If you brought your computer, save any documents that were created while traveling to an external drive and restore from your pre-departure backup
  • If you checked your voicemail while traveling, change your voicemail passcode

China:Image of China building

  • It is a special travel situation
  • Travelers to the People’s Republic of China have experienced a range of issues
  • Access to services that are taken for granted in the United States, like Gmail and other Google apps, Wikipedia, Yahoo Mail, etc., are often blocked or filtered
  • Skype connections may be monitored by the government
  • The VPN connection may have intermittent interruptions

International SOS is a subscription service. You can download an app that provides travel security expertise for business travelers. International SOS Website