Sharing Content

Sharing content within your site with others is a great way to increase collaboration and grant permission to other people to access the Sharepoint site.

When you share content, you will have the ability to choose the permission level (depending on your permission level – you can only assign permission that is equal or less than your own) that the individual you are sharing with will have.

As of January 2021, when sharing links to files/folders within SharePoint document libraries, only people you have identified will be able to use the sharing link to access the content. You will have the ability to specify the type of access (read or edit) when creating the sharing link.

Prior to January 2021, when sharing links to files/folders in SharePoint document library, the default link permissions allowed for edit access to anyone in the UMB tenant (external users are not included, such as SOM, UMMS, and FPI.)  This means that any UMB user who gains access to the link (if it is forwarded to them via email conversation or copy/pasted) will have edit access. 

In addition, when viewing a Document Library in SharePoint, if a folder/file is selected - the available action options will display across the top. If you use the "copy link" option, the link, by default, will only be accessible to users who already have access to it.

Note: It is not possible to change/undo sharing permissions that occurred as a result of sharing a link using the organization-wide sharing option; instead, you'll need to delete the old sharing links and create new ones (with limited sharing), if permissions need to be adjusted.

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