Chuckiera Chase

Chuckiera ChaseSecurity Officer Chuckiera Chase has served the University of Maryland, Baltimore Police Department (UMBPD) for three years. She became a Safe Ride driver to provide friendly, reliable transportation to the UMB community.

"My favorite part of being a Safe Ride driver is meeting new people and catching up with familiar faces," says Chase.

For new riders, Chase knows that meeting someone new can sometimes be scary. She wants to remind drivers that you're also new to her! "It really goes both ways. If I'm your Safe Ride driver, feel free to start a conversation," she says. "I promise you'll get to your destination safely."

She hopes the UMB and UMMC community will request a Safe Ride "because it's exactly what it's is meant for: safety!" Chase says Safe Ride is one of the best and most thoughtful services provided by UMB. And, of course, "Don't forget to thank your drivers!"