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Emergencies: 911

TTD/TTY: 410-706-3416

Non-emergencies: 410-706-6882  

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  • Pine Street Police Station (214 N. Pine St.): Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    UMBPD administrative offices are located in Pine Street Station.
  • Pine Street Police Annex (222 N. Pine St.): Open 24/7
    UMBPD operations and communications are located in Pine Street Annex. Additional services include:
    • Fingerprinting services
    • Police report services
    • Video footage services
    • Lost and found
  • Community Outreach Police Station (700 W. Pratt St.)
    The Community Outreach Police Station (sometimes called the "COPS shop") serves as an additional sub-station for our officers.
  • BioPark Substation (1 N. Poppleton St. (entrance on W. Baltimore St.))
    Our Community Outreach And Support Team (COAST) and BioPark patrol operate from our BioPark Substation.
Contact PhoneFax
Police Non-emergency 410-706-6882 410-706-4057
Interim Chief Thomas Leone 
Interim Chief of Police
410-706-3401 410-706-5077
Acting Deputy Chief Tonya Bell
Support Services Commander
Acting Deputy Chief Chad Ellis
Police and Security Operations
Carin Morrell
Public Information Officer
Lieutenant Matthew Johnson
Technical Services and
Community Outreach and Support Team (COAST)
Lieutenant Christopher Finn 
Accreditation Manager
410-706-6389 410-706-5077
Lieutenant Dennis Smith 
Technical Services, Records, and Communications
410-706-3404 410-706-5077
Lieutenant Duane Harrington 
Criminal Investigation Commander
410-706-5309 410-706-5077
Lieutenant Todd Ring
Education and Training
410-706-5215 410-706-5077
Lieutenant Tyrell Fleming
Duty Sergeant 410-706-2586 410-706-5077
John Czahor
410-706-4805 410-706-5077
Access Card Questions 410-706-6882 410-706-4057
Shawnta Privette
Police Communications Supervisor
410-706-5491 410-706-4057
Criminal Investigations
Det./Sgt. A. Degele
Det./Pfc. Wm. Epperson


Safe Walk/Ride 410-706-6882  
Corporal J.R. Jones
Safety Awareness Officer, Comfort K-9 Officer
410-706-5548 410-706-5077
Lost and Found/Recovery 410-706-6882 410-706-0952
BioPark Police Substation 410-706-3176  
Community Outreach Police Station 410-706-1408 410-706-0952

Victim Witness Coordinator/Background Investigation
Det./Cpl. S. Brown
Det./Cpl. J. Brown


Police Recruitment and Fingerprints
Det./Cpl. J. Brown
410-706-3176  410-706-5077

Internal Investigations Division
Lieutenant Duane Harrington