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Emergencies: 911

TTD/TTY: 410-706-3416

Non-emergencies: 410-706-6882  

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  • Pine Street Police Station (214 N. Pine St.): Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    UMBPD administrative offices are located in Pine Street Station.
  • Pine Street Police Annex (222 N. Pine St.): Open 24/7
    UMBPD operations and communications are located in Pine Street Annex. Additional services include:
    • Fingerprinting services
    • Police report services
    • Video footage services
    • Lost and found
  • Community Outreach Police Station (700 W. Pratt St.)
    The Community Outreach Police Station (sometimes called the "COPS shop") serves as an additional sub-station for our officers.
  • BioPark Substation (1 N. Poppleton St. (entrance on W. Baltimore St.))
    Our Community Outreach And Support Team (COAST) and BioPark patrol operate from our BioPark Substation.
Contact PhoneFax
Police Non-emergency 410-706-6882 410-706-4057
Interim Chief Thomas Leone 
Interim Chief of Police
410-706-3401 410-706-5077
Acting Deputy Chief Tonya Bell
Support Services Commander
Acting Deputy Chief Chad Ellis
Police and Security Operations
Carin Morrell
Public Information Officer
Lieutenant Christopher Finn 
Accreditation Manager
410-706-6389 410-706-5077
Lieutenant Dennis Smith 
Technical Services, Records, and Communications
410-706-3404 410-706-5077
Lieutenant Duane Harrington 
Criminal Investigation Commander
410-706-5309 410-706-5077
Lieutenant Todd Ring
Education and Training
410-706-5215 410-706-5077
Duty Sergeant 410-706-2586 410-706-5077
John Czahor
410-706-4805 410-706-5077
Access Card Questions 410-706-6882 410-706-4057
Shawnta Privette
Police Communications Supervisor
410-706-5491 410-706-4057
Criminal Investigations
Det./Sgt. A. Degele
Det./Pfc. Wm. Epperson


Safe Walk/Ride 410-706-6882  
Corporal J.R. Jones
Safety Awareness Officer, Comfort K-9 Officer
410-706-5548 410-706-5077
Lost and Found/Recovery 410-706-6882 410-706-0952
BioPark Police Substation 410-706-3176  
Community Outreach Police Station 410-706-1408 410-706-0952

Victim Witness Coordinator/Background Investigation
Det./Cpl. S. Brown
Det./Cpl. J. Brown


Police Recruitment and Fingerprints
Det./Cpl. J. Brown
410-706-3176  410-706-5077

Internal Investigations Division
Lieutenant Duane Harrington