To Pay A Citation

Pay with a Credit Card

Pay in-person with cash or check:

Parking & Transportation Services Cashier’s Office
621 W. Lombard St.
Lower Level
Room 002D
Baltimore, MD 21201

Unpaid citations may result in your State of Maryland vehicle registration behind withheld by the Motor Vehicle Administration. Vehicles with three or more unpaid citations will be towed from the University of Maryland, Baltimore property and will not be released until all fines and charges are paid. 

Checks with insufficient funds will receive an additional $15 fee.
Citations that are not paid within 30 days will be charged an additional $5 per month.

To Stand Trial

Fill out the information request on the back of the citation. Mail the request for hearings to:

University of Maryland, Baltimore
Financial Services–General Accounting
220 Arch Street, Office Level 2, Room 02-125
Baltimore, MD 21201

For payment questions or questions related to standing trial, please contact General Accounting at 410-706-2408.