Safe Walk/Safe Ride

Safe Walk is available 24/7. Request a Safe Walk by calling 410-706-6882.

Safe Ride is available 7 a.m. to 1 a.m., 365 days a year. Request a Safe Ride through the Mobile UMB app. No smartphone? Call 410-706-6882

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Safe Walk

Safe Walk is a public safety service available on campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. See the boundaries on the Safe Walk/Safe Ride Map. Please reach out at 410-706-6882 for more information.

Note: For the safety of our community, police and security officers must be able to quickly use their radios in the event of an emergency. For this reason, our officers are not able to assist with carrying bags or packages, pushing strollers, or performing other physical activities during a Safe Walk. We appreciate your understanding.

Safe Ride

Safe Ride is a police service (car or van) available from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m., 365 days a year. See boundaries on the Safe Walk/Safe Ride Map. Safe Ride is for UMB/UMMC students and employees only. All riders must be age 18+ and are required to have a UMB ID or UMMC ID. 

Your health and safety are our top priority. We have taken the following steps to ensure that our Safe Ride service is as safe as possible:

  • Protective barriers between driver and passenger
  • Safe Ride limited to one passenger at a time, or no more than two passengers from the same household
  • Drivers will wear N95 respirators that were professionally fitted
  • Drivers will disinfect all hard touch-point areas between each ride and at the start and end of each shift
  • Passengers will be required to acknowledge that they are not COVID-positive, are not experiencing symptoms, and have not been exposed to a COVID-positive person before requesting a Safe Ride.
  • Passengers will be required to wear a face covering at all times, in compliance with the UMB Face Covering Policy. Medical-grade masks will be provided for passengers who do not have a face covering.

Read Chief Leone's letter to the community for more information. 

How to request a Safe Ride with the mobile UMB app:

  1. Download Mobile UMB in the Apple app store or on Google Play.Mobile UMB Icon - App Store
  2. Open Mobile UMB and tap Safe Ride.
  3. Allow the app to access your location. This is how our drivers know where to pick you up!
  4. Log in using your UMB ID and password. Confirm your login using UMB DUO authentication.
  5. Click Start to get a Safe Ride now.
  6. Click Schedule to get a Safe Ride later.
  7. Enter your pickup address. This is the location where our driver will pick you up.
  8. Enter your drop-off address. This is the location where you're going
    • Note: You will receive an error message if an address is outside of our Safe Ride service boundaries. Try again and enter an address inside the yellow service area.
  9. Click Confirm Ride. Enter the number of passengers, bicycles, and/or wheelchairs.
  10. Click Submit Ride. Track your Safe Ride driver with the purple car icon and estimated pickup time.
  11. Wait inside until your Safe Ride arrives. Your app will notify you when your ride is waiting outside.