Historical UMBPD photos

The University of Maryland, Baltimore Department of Police and Public Safety began in 1948, when security officers were hired to keep the campus safe. In 1975, the first police officers were sworn-in.

At first, UMB Police and Public Safety's jurisdiction extended only to University-owned buildings and grounds. In 1984, we signed a concurrent jurisdiction agreement with the Baltimore Police Department (BPD), expanding our jurisdiction to include the public streets and sidewalks. As the campus grew, we signed an expanded concurrent jurisdiction agreement with BPD in 1993, which is still in place today. This agreement gives UMB Police the same authority as BPD within the University's boundaries. 

UMB Police and Public Safety employs 66 sworn police officers, 115 civilian security officers, 10 police communication operators, and nine administrative employees. New police officers go through 750 hours of rigorous training at the police academy, 240 hours of field training, 18 hours of annual in-service training, and annual firearms qualifications, as mandated by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

The Pine Street Police Station was built in 1878 as the BPD Western District Police Station. 

Read Joining Forces: A Look at the UMB Police Department's Proud History, by security officer William Groh, who has served the department for more than 50 years.