UMB/UBalt Public Safety Partnership

Beginning March 28, 2022, UMB Police and Public Safety is responsible for policing services on the UBalt campus. 

Police Certification and Training

As part of the public safety collaboration between UMB and UBalt, all police officers on the UBalt campus are employed by UMB Police and Public Safety. The department is a fully certified law enforcement agency through the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions (MPCTC). 

UMB Police and Public Safety has also received dual accreditation for professional excellence in public safety from both the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) and the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA). It is one of only two agencies in the University System of Maryland (USM) to receive dual accreditation through both CALEA and IACLEA, and one of just three USM institutions to earn CALEA Advanced Accreditation Status.

All police officers complete MPCTC's 18 hours of annual required training and weapons qualifications. However, UMB police are committed to continuous training and improvement exceeding the MPCTC requirements. In 2021, each UMB police officer completed at least 68 hours of training. As a department, UMB Police and Public Safety employees completed 4,996 hours of training in 2021. 

These certifications and training requirements apply to all UMB police officers, including those providing policing services to the UBalt campus.

Record Keeping and Clery

UMB Police and Public Safety will be responsible for maintaining the 60-day Crime and Fire Log for both UMB and UBalt. This website includes information about crime that occurs on both campuses. 

However, UMB and UBalt will each complete separate Annual Campus Security Reports ("ASR", or sometimes referred to as the "Clery Report") for each campus.


UMB Police and Public Safety uses data-driven policing strategies when developing a deployment plan on both UMB and UBalt campuses. The objective of the deployment strategy is to create and apply tailored proactive solutions for public safety and security that is responsive to the needs of the campus community. 

Using crime statistics and data on all incidents, parking garage occupancy data, and common sense approaches to vehicle and foot traffic, UMB Police and Public Safety has established focused patrol areas and will deploy police working alongside security officers in high visibility zones. Police officers will also be deployed strategically to high visibility corner assignments during peak times. The success of this plan is dependent on the following principles:

  • Community-oriented patrolling that emphasizes the collaborative effort to work alongside the communities we serve to reduce crime.
  • Problem-oriented policing that directs our officers to focus on ways to prevent, disrupt, and deter crime with more than just enforcement actions.
  • Intelligence-led deployment that focuses on leveraging intelligence/shared information and research analysis to drive operational and deployment decisions.
  • Enhanced guardianship that focuses on more visible police and security presence and positive community interactions, which are designed to mitigate opportunities for crime to occur. This includes more business and campus building checks, more foot patrols, and regular attendance at community events.
  • Continuous improvement and reassessment to determine the effectiveness of the plan and the impact of proactive efforts. We analyze both our successes and opportunities for improvement to maximize the impact of our strategy and to incorporate lessons learned throughout the department.

For non-emergency services on the UBalt campus, call 410-837-4444 to speak with the UBalt Safety and Security department. 

Report non-emergency crimes to UMB Police and Public Safety by calling 410-706-6882 or fill out the online formIn an emergency, always call 911.

A full list of UMB Police and Public Safety services can be found here