GLOBALtimore Fellows 2019-20

The Center for Global Education Initiatives is pleased to announce the inaugural 2019 GLOBALtimore Fellows.

The selected Fellows are faculty members from six UMB schools who will take their interest in curricular internationalization to the next level by integrating global concepts into new or existing courses in their respective schools. This initiative is part of the internationalization process currently underway on campus.  

GLOBALtimore Fellows:  Nicole J. Brandt, PharmD, MBA, BCGP, BCPP, FASCP - Executive Director, The Peter Lamy Center on Drug Therapy and Aging & Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Science, SOP and Dr. Daniel Mansour, PharmD, BCGP, FASCP - Interprofessional Clinical Coordinator

Project Title: Expanding the Horizons with Interprofessional Care for Older Adults

Project description: This educational offering will train the interprofessional team not only to aging issues but global health initiatives to improve the quality of care for older adults and those that care for them.  Furthermore, it will collaborate with the community to better understand tactics to be employed to optimize aging in place through person centered and public health approaches. 

Project final report: Drs. Brandt and Mansour's GLOBALtimore final report


GLOBALtimore Fellow: Caroline Long, PhD - Associate Professor, Chair of the Families and Children Specialization and Director of Global Initiatives, SSW

Project TitleInterdisciplinary HIV Services: Learning from Differentiated Care Models in Botswana and Baltimore

Project description: The course explores models, research, theories, and policies/programs in the context of social work core values and the basic foundations of public health. Using the HIV epidemic in Baltimore and Botswana as examples, the mission and core values of public health and social work will inform strategies for addressing epidemic control and community health and wellness while maintaining human dignity of individuals. 


GLOBALtimore Fellow: Lori Edwards, DrPH, MPH, RN, PHCNS-BC – Assistant Professor, Family Community Health, SON and Senior Director, Center for Global Education Initiatives

Project Title: Expanding NURS 769 Society, Health, and Social Justice, Globally

Project description: This course NURS 769, Society, Health, and Social Justice  is a required course for Masters in Community Public Health Nursing. I will revise course and objectives to increase and focus on global health, primarily guiding students to do more comparative analysis of the connection between global-local context, using the WHO social determinants of health framework.


GLOBALtimore Fellow: Trudy C. Henson, JD, MA – Public Health Program Director, University of Maryland Center for Health & Homeland Security

Project Title: Law and Policy of Global Public Health Emergencies

Project description: This project will focus on the creation of an all-new law course, the Law and Policy of Global Public Health Emergencies. In this course, students will learn about the legal and policy frameworks for disease outbreaks that spread across multiple countries or the globe. Additionally, the course will focus on specific international outbreaks and the issues that arise from a coordinated response with countries that have different legal, and importantly, cultural, values.


GLOBALtimore Fellow: Lyndsay O’Hara, PhD, MPH – Assistant Professor, Epidemiology & Public Health, SOM

Project Title: Incorporating global learning competencies and global case studies into a graduate level infectious disease epidemiology course

Project description: The objective of this project is to incorporate additional international and intercultural dimensions into a graduate level infectious disease epidemiology course offered by the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health in the School of Medicine. This will be accomplished by including global learning competencies and more global case studies.

Project final report: Dr. Lyndsay O'Hara's GLOBALtimore final report.


GLOBALtimore Fellow: Ivana Vucenik, PhD – Associate Professor, Medical and Research Technology, SOM

Project Title: Certificate Program in Laboratory Management with Global Perspective

Project description: To integrate concepts of global education into our existing MS program, to engage students in global learning, and to develop future professionals who are comfortable in the world, by creating online certificate program to promote global learning and internalization.

Project final report: Dr. Ivana Vucenik's GLOBALtimore final report


GLOBALtimore Fellow: James Wright, MFA – Multilingual Writing Specialist, UMB Writing Center, Graduate School

Project Title: Writing the Critical Eye:  Reflective Practice in the International Classroom and Clinic

Project description: This module offers students guidance on describing, interpreting, and evaluating their professional positions, experiences, and identities at the crossroads of culture and language. Drawing from a flexible series of in-class and online workshops and writing resources, faculty tailor the module to their course assignments in consultation with The Writing Center. This collaboration makes more visible trauma-aware and reflective writing practices essential to internationalized classroom learning and professional training in Baltimore and beyond.