Global Scholar Program

A Japanese and UMB student examine medical equipment

The Center for Global Engagement (CGE) Global Scholar Program was created to help UMB students engage in a critical analysis of complex, interdependent global systems and legacies and their implications for people's lives and the Earth's sustainability.

The Global Scholar Program provides an opportunity for UMB students to engage in a global health, law, or social work experience of their own choosing and design with the support of a $2,000 stipend for educational expenses related to the proposed experience. Students from all UMB schools are eligible to apply by proposing a research, service, or learning initiative that must take place before September 1, 2024.

Through participation in the Scholar Program, in concert with the student’s graduate or professional studies, students will grow in their understanding of how their actions can address the world’s most pressing and enduring issues collaboratively and equitably. Appropriate proposals include participation in an international research project; a local experience with global communities, such as work with refugees, asylum seekers, or migrant communities; participation in a globally-focused course that supports a student’s professional goals; participation in a global service-learning initiative that is part of a long-term sustainable initiative; and participation in a clinical program with a global theme. Students are also free to propose other globally focused initiatives not included in this list.


  • Open to all students at UMB (Pharmacy, Law, Social Work, Nursing, Graduate School, Medicine, and Dentistry) in any degree program.

  • Open to any full-time UMB student who is not graduating in Spring 2024 and will be a full-time student in Fall 2024.

  • Students cannot propose participation in a UMB credit-bearing course as their experience (except an independent study).

Requirements for Participation 

  • All applicants must submit a copy of the Supervisor Approval Form signed by an advisor, mentor, professor, or Student Affairs dean. This form will ask whether the proposed project includes participation in clinical (hands on) medical care which, in general, is not permitted for students unless appropriate supervision and registration is in place as determined by CGE and/or the student’s academic program.

  • For students traveling overseas, they must complete Steps 1-3 on the Global Hub. Travel to certain countries and locales may be prohibited based on safety and security issues.

Stipend Details 

  • Selected students will receive a $2,000 stipend that can be used to support travel or otherwise support the student’s experience.

  • How will you get the stipend? Students selected to receive the stipend will have the $2,000 added to their financial aid award for the applicable term and those funds will be refunded to the student to assist with travel expenses.  For students not receiving financial aid, the award will be added to your student account.  The refund will be processed based on the refund selection you have selected.  If you have not selected a refund preference, please visit:  Disbursements and Refunds - Student Financial Services  for additional information.

  • Students are expected to use the funds to support the global project outlined in their application and, if purchasing flights, hotels, other transportation, must make those arrangements on their own.

  • Students who are on UMB payroll(in any capacity, (e.g. Graduate Research Assistants who receive a stipend, hourly research assistants, URecFit employees, etc.) will have the stipend applied to their student account but must receive travel approval through Concur from their supervisor but do not need to complete the Expense Report process.

  • Except in the case of a personal or family emergency, students unable to complete their project must return the stipend.

Application and Selection Details 

  • Applications for 2024 are now closed. Check back in December for the 2025 program, as funds allow.

  • Selection is competitive and applications will be reviewed by a selection committee.

  • Before you begin your application, review the Global Scholar Program Application.
  • Application elements

    • Description of proposed experience and how it aligns with student’s professional interests and advances their learning.

    • Dates

    • Explanation of how experience meets the goals of the Global Scholar Program

    • Explanation of how the experience meets the Guiding Principles of the UMB Global Strategic Framework

    • Completed Supervisor Approval Form

    • Description of organization or program student will be engaging with during experience.

    • If the project involves human subjects research, a plan for submitting or being added to an IRB application.

Requirements of Participation 

  • Scholars will complete their proposal as written and, if that is not possible, immediately inform the Center for Global Engagement and adapt plans as necessary.

  • Complete an online reflective writing module and submit a reflective essay to CGE within one month after completion of the project.

  • Participate in a group presentation with UMB Provost and/or President to be scheduled in Fall 2024.

  • Complete brief Online Global Health Ethics Courses in developing cultural understanding, ensuring personal safety, exceeding level of training, and recognizing burdens. 

For more information, contact Virginia Rowthorn or Michelle Sullivan.