UMB/Costa Rica Faculty Development Institute and GLOBALtimore

Globe on a blue background with GLOBALtimoreThe UMB Center for Global Engagement is excited to offer an immersive faculty development program in Costa Rica for a select cohort of UMB faculty members to globalize their courses, modules, tracks, or clinical electives. This Institute is an evolution of GLOBALtimore Teaching Fellows Program. See more information about GLOBALtimore courses .

From December 9-16, 2023, UMB faculty members will engage in a series of interactive workshops on topics such as learning design and assessment, strategies to globalize curricula, ethical global engagement, incorporating active learning, inclusive classroom practice, and other topics. Participants must propose a global course, module, track, clinical elective, or international program that they will design in collaboration with skilled trainers during the workshop.

Learn more at UMB Costa Rica Faculty Development Institute.

The UMB Center for Global Engagement partnered with the UMB Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, the InterAmerican Center for Global Health and the American Association of Colleges and Universities to offer this program.

Read about the experience of the first cohort in the Costa Rica Report - 2023.