UMB Global Health Summit 2021

Decolonizing Global Health Education

Join the Center for Global Engagement for our second Global Health Summit, focusing on Decolonizing Global Health Education.

The summit will be hosted virtually May 25-27, 2021, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day.

Summit Agenda

Summit Resources

The term decolonization has recently become the focus of conversations within global health. Diverse voices worldwide are now calling for a re-examination of assumptions and practices underpinning global health education and practice. The UMB Global Health Summit is a direct response to these calls and an opportunity to rethink and reflect on the theories, processes, and methods of global health education.

Two high-level, thought-provoking keynote presentations, as well as interprofessional panels of students/trainees, faculty members, and other experts from UMB and UMB’s close global partners, will provide the basis for the discussions and reflections aimed at the development of actionable ideas and recommendations for decolonizing global health education. 

Throughout the three half-days of the Decolonizing Global Health Education summitattendees will learn about this important topic and how the use of a decolonizing lens can harness a more equitable and diverse community of global learners and global professionals. All will learn about historical aspects of global health education and actively explore possible strategies for tackling power imbalances in the ways global health is taught and understood around the world. The UMB Global Health Summit will create a vibrant interactive space where participants can engage in meaningful dialogue and learning. The virtual setting opens up the event for active participation from even more UMB faculty and staff from outside the United States as well as collaborators from UMB’s institutional partners around the world.

The summit provides the space for a productive, action-oriented dialogue toward the reimagination of a shared vision for a decolonized global health field. It is a forum for global health practitioners, researchers, educators, students, scholars, and trainees, committed to mutual respect and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in global health education. It also is an intentional attempt to build trust among the UMB global health community through an open and honest conversation. It is a commitment to a climate of inclusion and belonging.

We hope you can join us and other UMB faculty and students to co-create a shared new vision to guide UMB’s global health work toward greater equity.

Registration for the event is FREE and sponsored by the UMB Center for Global Engagement.

Watch this space for more information!