UMB Global Health Summit 2021

Decolonizing Global Health Education

May 25-26, 2021

9 a.m. - 1 p.m. EDT

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Global Health Summit 2021 Agenda

The term “decolonization” has recently become the focus of conversations within global health. Diverse voices worldwide are now calling for a re-examination of assumptions and practices underpinning global health education and practice.

The UMB Global Health Summit: Decolonizing Global Health Education is a direct response to these calls and an opportunity to rethink and reflect on the theories, processes, and methods of global health education.

Over the free, virtual two-day Summit, come and hear students from 11 professional programs from around the world share their reflections on this issue and the future of global education.

Thought-provoking keynote presentations, as well as interprofessional panels of students/trainees, faculty members, and other experts from UMB and UMB’s close global partners, will provide the basis for the discussions and reflections aimed at the development of actionable ideas and recommendations for decolonizing global health education.

We hope you can join us and other UMB faculty and students to co-create a shared new vision to guide UMB’s global health work toward greater equity.