Frequently Asked Questions

President Perman explaining something to a group of individuals

I was awarded a grant last year and the project is going well, but I’m hoping to expand it even further. Am I allowed to apply for PGIF funding again even though it’s the same project?

Even though this is part of the same project, we will consider proposals that are trying to improve the project in a different way that was not possible with your original award funds.

Do I need signatures or letters of support from international or non-UMB partners?

No, support letters or signatures from international/non-UMB partners are not required but are highly regarded in the application process.

My project does not take place abroad, but aligns with some of the funding priorities. Am I still eligible?

A funded project typically involves partners that are outside of the United States to enhance UMB’s global engagement and reach. Given that, the review committee would look closely at your project’s connection to larger global phenomena.

If you have any additional questions, please email Virginia Rowthorn for more information.