Global Learning Grant Program

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The Global Learning grant program's purpose is to fund UMB faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and staff to develop global learning opportunities for UMB students.

Congratulations to the first awardees of the Global Learning Grant Program!

  • Corey Shdaimah, PhD: Collaboration and Conciliation: Working Together to Provide Professional Services Against a Backdrop of Conflict (School of Social Work)
  • Daniel Mansour, PharmD: Expanding Online Learning Curriculum and Engagement of Community Partners (School of Pharmacy)

  • Jane Park, MD and Cassidy Claassen, MD, MPH: University of Maryland Baltimore - University Teaching Hospital of Zambia Tropical Medicine Short Course (School of Medicine)

  • Lynn Michalopoulos, PhD and Neijma Celestine-Donnor, MSW: Global Mental Health Learning Series (School of Social Work)

  • Rosemary Ferreira, M.Ed and Patty Alvarez, PhD: GLOBALtimore Migrant and Refugee Rights Micro Course and Symposium (Student Affairs)

  • Shailvi Gupta, MD, MPH: Enhancing and Expanding the Global Health Track (School of Medicine)

Grant Information

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Must be for an educational project (curricular or co-curricular) that will involve students enrolled in UMB degree programs​ 

  • Can be for global learning experiences within the U.S. as well as abroad​ 

  • Project must be completed by August 2025. 

  • Applicants must be UMB faculty, postdoctoral fellows or staff  


  • The maximum award amount for any single project/program will be $4,000. We expect to fund 5-7 projects based on the merit of submitted applications and availability of funds.

  • Funds will be dispersed to the account identified in the grant application upon acceptance. Applicants will work with the budget/finance administrator in their school or unit to spend the funds. Any unused funds must be returned to the Center for Global Engagement when the final report is submitted.

What Can Funds Be Used For? 

These funds are intended to support global learning program costs. This is not an exhaustive list and we are open to ideas depending on the project. All expenses must be in accordance with UMB financial policies.

Funds can be used for:

  • Honoraria payments to guest speakers in courses or co-curricular programs

  • Payments to community partners

  • Travel expenses for the grant recipients (CGE traditionally offers separate funding options for students, subject to availability of funds)

  • Internet hotspots for partners overseas

  • IT equipment and support for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) courses

  • Student workers, teaching or research assistants that provide research, teaching or administrative support to the project

  • Catering, room or transportation costs for educational programs

  • Curricular materials (books, supplies, etc.)

What can these funds not be used for?

  • Salary support for grantees

  • Student travel expenses

  • Tuition or fees for student enrollment


Applicants will submit an application, which includes the following information:

  • Project title

  • Program description, including program dates and locations
  • Description of learning outcomes

  • How the project will impact and increase global learning at UMB and align with the guiding principles and approaches of the UMB Global Strategic Framework

  • Work plan with a project timeline and plans to evaluate student learning 

  • Proposed budget (total may not exceed $4,000) outlining anticipated expenses and justification

  • CVs/resumes of applicant(s)

  • Letter(s) of support from supervisor(s)

Please complete the Budget Proposal Template and attach it to your application.

Evaluation Criteria 

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee based on the following criteria: 

  • Alignment of the proposed project with one or more of the guiding principles and approaches in the UMB Global Strategic Framework

  • Clarity and feasibility of student learning outcomes and assessment plans

  • Justification, organization, and feasibility of budget

Graphic representation of Global Strategic Framework

Post Award 

Grantees must provide a final report of their project by August 15, 2025. Final reports must include the following information and materials:

  • Name and title of course or co-curricular program

  • Number of enrolled students and their UMB degree program(s) 

  • Copy of course syllabus or agenda for co-curricular program

  • Samples of student work

  • Any additional evidence of impact you wish to share 

CGE staff are available to consult with you about aspects of your project throughout the grant period. Please reach out to Amy Ramirez for assistance.

For more information, contact Amy Ramirez.