Shock Trauma Center International Outreach Initiative

The Why

Logo for Shock Trauma International Outreach InitiativeGlobal surgery refers to the provision of surgical care on a worldwide scale, encompassing a broad range of surgical services such as emergency surgery, trauma care, obstetrical care, and essential surgical procedures. This field addresses the disparities in access to safe and timely surgical care that exist between high-income countries and low- and middle-income countries. It aims to improve surgical infrastructure, increase the availability of surgical services, and enhance the overall quality of surgical care in resource-limited settings.

The importance of global surgery cannot be overstated for several reasons. Firstly, surgery is an essential component of healthcare, and addressing surgical disparities is crucial for achieving global health equity. Without access to surgical care, millions of people worldwide suffer from preventable disabilities, chronic pain, and premature death. By expanding access to surgical services, global surgery has the potential to mitigate this immense burden of disease and improve quality of life for countless individuals.

Surgical care is intricately linked to economic development. Untreated surgical conditions can result in incapacitation, loss of productivity, and increased healthcare costs in the long term. Access to surgical interventions can prevent these negative outcomes and contribute to the overall economic well-being of communities and nations.

Global surgery is essential for addressing public health emergencies and providing timely responses to disasters. In times of crisis, the availability of surgical services becomes critical for saving lives, preventing disabilities, and restoring the health of affected populations. By strengthening surgical systems globally, countries can better prepare for and respond to emergencies, ultimately saving more lives and reducing the impact of disasters.

The How

Through the STC International Outreach Initiative, our goal is to create sustainable solutions to help local communities in the long-term. We hope to create longitudinal relationships that allow a bi-directional sharing of information and ideas, particularly with regards to education, clinical care, and collegial support. The STC International Outreach Initiative will focus on education, research, and service through an interprofessional lens.

The inaugural Observership Program runs September 30 - October 11, 2024.

Observership participants:

  • Fernanda Folla P. Marques (Brazil)
  • Luiz Fernando de Carvalho Scaglione (Brazil)
  • Isadora Frick de la Maza (Belgium)
  • Federica Marini (Italy)
  • Giada Panagini Niguarda (Italy)

Initiative Co-Directors