CGE Annual Report

At the end of 2021, the Center for Global Engagement undertook the creation of its first Annual Report, which is also a celebration of the center's 10th anniversary.

The UMB Center for Global Engagement has dramatically grown and evolved over the last 10 years and the time is right to start publishing an annual report to review the work of the center and preview what is planned for 2022 and beyond. The goal of this annual report is to highlight the strong and growing global engagement taking place throughout UMB – a powerful reflection of the university's goal of improving the human condition globally. The report is also a reminder that CGE is here to help the UMB community dream about, plan, and implement global education, service, and research initiatives.

The report includes descriptions of CGE’s programs, activities in 2021, and, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, a history of the Center and its underlying conceptual framework. For each program, the report shares how the program is linked to UMB’s Internationalization Report and Strategic Plan. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global engagement is severe, but this report highlights how much global activity is underway and will continue.

CGE Annual Report 2021