President’s Global Impact Fund

President Perman visiting Botswana

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Managed by the Center for Global Engagement (CGE), the President’s Global Impact Fund (PGIF) provides initial support for transformative initiatives that develop cross-campus and international collaborations and enhance the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s (UMB) global engagement and reach.

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At this time, no applications are being accepted. The new funding cycle will be advertised campus-wide as well as here.

Examples include:

  • Support for training programs or professional development programs at an established UMB international site
  • Planning and development of new or enhanced interprofessional faculty and student collaborations
  • New or enhanced research collaborations with international partners
  • Cross-campus and interprofessional conferences, symposia, and workshops on a globally-focused topic
  • Support for a distinguished international scholar or bi-lateral faculty exchanges
  • Stipends to support analysis of existing data for the purpose of developing new potential areas of research and collaboration
  • Creation of an interprofessional approach to a research question, advocacy issue, or program concern
  • A conference or working meeting that brings together regional health and UMB authorities/experts around a theme of mutual interest to develop strategies for future collaboration
  • Creation of a training program for students, trainees, and/or postdocs to study, practice, or engage in research in an international setting
  • Creation of training materials such as tool kits or best practices to grow local expertise on a particular topic
  • Funds to design a multi-year UMB program agenda for the needs of a particular community or patient population in a country where UMB has an existing relationship
  • Travel and logistical expenses to bring UMB expertise from Baltimore to the field (or vice versa) to support potential collaborations and strategic partnerships

Funding is awarded up to $50,000 per application, with most awards being in the $15,000 to $25,000 range. Awards cannot support programs long-term, and applications for program support will not be considered for more than three consecutive years.

Important Information


  • Full-time faculty (any level) at any UMB school may apply. Preference is given to applications building on relationships at established international UMB research and education sites.
  • Full-time UMB affiliate staff members may apply if they work at an international site supported by, or connected to, any UMB school or the Maryland Global Initiatives Corporation (MGIC). The affiliate staff member must have a senior and/or supervisory role in the country office and have significant involvement in the proposed project taking place at the international site.
  • Adjunct faculty are not eligible to apply for PGIF funds.


Limited funds are awarded via a competitive process. The most competitive applications will support one or more of the following PGIF program goals:

  • A new or enhanced global research or education program that will continue beyond the initial seed funding;
  • A program that engages faculty, students, and staff from multiple schools, or, at a minimum, multiple units within a single school;
  • A collaboration taking place at one of UMB’s established international programs to encourage new engagements and activities with existing expertise and on-the-ground support;
  • Creation of a model for global education, service, or research that can be replicated by other departments or schools at UMB and beyond, by other universities or organizations;
  • An initiative that supports bi-directional collaboration with a focus on shared and equitable opportunities for research, teaching, and mentorship.

The most competitive applications will include one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Development and submission of a collaborative proposal for external funding;
  • Development and submission of a collaborative scholarly publication;
  • Development of new collaborative curricular programs (degree programs, courses, faculty exchanges);
  • Innovations in curriculum or curriculum design;
  • Increased engagement at international sites where UMB already has academic partnerships and collaborative activities


Funding will be awarded up to $50,000, though most awards are much smaller. Applications may be awarded at a lower amount than requested.

Funds may be used toward:

  • Academic student employees, postdoctoral fellows, and student workers
  • Travel expenses, such as lodging, airfare, per diems, and transportation, not to exceed $5,000 per traveler
  • Marketing supplies
  • Contracted services abroad
  • Honoraria or stipends for local faculty and administrative support
  • Other program-related or curriculum-related expenses (i.e., space reservation, cultural excursions)

Funds may not be used to support:

  • The purchase of alcohol
  • Faculty or staff salaries
  • Dissertation research
  • Technical equipment
  • Participation in individual degree programs
  • Note: CGE will transfer the award amount to the awardee's department and logistical details of the project will be handled by the awardee and the awardee's department.


All applicants must have the support of their department and school. In the case of programs that will take place at an international UMB site, the application must have the support of the appropriate center director or his/her designee.


Funded projects need to fit into one or more of the following pillars that represent UMB global areas of excellence:

  • Global health
  • International partnerships
  • Global curriculum
  • International multi-purpose sites
  • Linking global and local learning
  • Interprofessional global education and research