Center for Global Engagement Advisory Committee

The UMB Center for Global Engagement Advisory Committee (CGEAC) is comprised of faculty members and administrators from all seven UMB schools and central administration who focus on global health, education, and service.

The members of CGEAC are the campus leaders who support UMB’s innovative and community-driven global programs and work to bring life to UMB’s Global Strategic Framework.  CGEAC is built on a long history of cross-campus collaboration and a strong dedication to ethical and bi-direction programs with international partners.  CGEAC’s forerunner, the Global Health Interprofessional Council, created the cutting edge Interprofessional Global Grant Program and supported the creation of the Center for Global Engagement. 

CGEAC members represent UMB's six professional schools, the interdisciplinary Graduate School, and UMB central administration and support the Center for Global Engagement by:

  • Providing counsel and advice to the center on major programmatic decisions;
  • Sharing their individual and professional expertise with the committee and center to build global health, education, and service collaboration on campus;
  • Attending quarterly meetings and participating in center events; and
  • Serving as the liaison between the center and their schools and departments.

Global Engagement Advisory Committee Members

* Faculty advisory council member and contact member within each UMB professional school

School of Dentistry

* Kate Noonan, PhD, M.S.Ed, Senior Director of Special Projects, School of Dentristry

Isabelita Rambob, DDS, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Dentistry

Karen Faraone, DDS, MS, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, School of Dentistry

Valli Meeks, DDS, MS, RDH, Clinical Associate Professor, School of Dentistry

Judith Porter, DDS, MA, EdD, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Recruitment, School of Dentistry

School of Law

* Bill Piermattei, Managing Director, Environmental Law Program, School of Law

Virginia Rowthorn, JD, LLM, Adjunct Professor, School of Law; Executive Director, Center for Global Education Initiatives

Crystal Edwards, JD, MA, Assistant Dean for Academic Administration, School of Law

Michele Hayes, JD, LLM, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, School of Law

Diane Hoffmann, JD, Director of Law Program and Professor, School of Law

Lauren Levy, JD, MPH, Managing Director, School of Law


School of Medicine

Gregory Carey, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of Student Summer Research and Community Outreach, School of Medicine

Jon Mark Hirshon, MD, MPH, Associate Professor and Acting Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine

* Miriam Laufer, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Pediatrics; Director of Division of Malaria Research, Institute for Global Health, School of Medicine

Clement A. Adebamowo, BM, ChB, ScD, FWACS, FACS, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, School of Medicine

Sally Adebamowo, MBBS, MSc, ScD, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology & Public Health, School of Medicine

Man Charurat, PhD, MHS, Professor of Medicine, Division Director of Epidemiology and Prevention, Institute of Human Virology

Joyce Johnson, Health Program Director, Division of Epidemiology, Institute of Human Virology

Melissa McDiarmid, MD, MPH, Professor, School of Medicine, Division Head of Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Kathy Neuzil, MD, MPH, FIDSA, Professor, School of Medicine

Marc Oliver, RN, MPH, MBA, Research Nurse, School of Medicine

David Riedel, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Clinical Care and Research, Institute of Human Virology

Nadia Sam-Agudu, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, School of Medicine

Henry Silverman, MD, MA, Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine

Mark Travassos, MD, MSc, Assistant Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine

School of Nursing

* Yolanda Ogbolu, PhD, CRNP-Neonatal, Assistant Professor, Professional Education and Practice; Director, Office of Global Health, School of Nursing

Anne Brenner, BA, Coordinator, Office of Global Health, School of Nursing

Mei Ching Lee, PhD, MS, RN, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Rosemary F. Riel, MAA, Clinical Instructor, Professional Education and Practice; Associate Director, Office of Global Health, School of Nursing

School of Pharmacy

*Agnes Ann Feemster, PharmD, BCPS, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Science; Assistant Dean for Experiential Learning, School of Pharmacy

* J. Edward Moreton, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy

Mark Brueckl, RPh, MBA, Assistant Director, Experiential Learning Program, School of Pharmacy

Emily Heil, PharmD, Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy

Danya Qato, PhD, PharmD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research, School of Pharmacy

School of Social Work

Caroline Burry, PhD, MSW, Associate Professor & Chair of the Families and Children Specialization, School of Social Work

* Nalini Negi, PhD, MSW, Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Sarah Dababnah, PhD, MPH, MSW, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Diane Marie St. George, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Other members

* Jennifer Flinn, Executive Director, Maryland Global Initiatives Corporatopm (MGIC)

Bonnie Bissonette, MA, Director, Center for Global Engagement

Monica Bradik, MBA, Global Program Specialist, Center for Global Engagement

Lori Edwards, DrPH, RN, PHCNS-BC, Senior Director, Center for Global Engagement

James Hughes, MBA, Vice President for the Office of Research and Development and Chief Enterprise and Economic Development Officer

Flavius Lilly, PhD, MA, MPH, Senior Associate Dean, Graduate School at University of Maryland, Baltimore

Kathy Marconi, PhD, Adjunct Faculty, Research Implementation & Dissemination, Graduate School

Amy Ramirez, MA, Director, Office of International Services

Virginia Rowthorn, JD, LLM, Executive Director, Center for Global Engagement